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Private Message added 2006-11-09

NameKathy Vickers Lorinser
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MessageI was feeling a little melancholy tonight and decided to do a search about Good Old Sibley. Doesn't seem to be many posts from us 'old timers'.. Anyone else out there graduate in '68? It just creeps me out to think how old we all are.. YIKES !!!!

Kathy Vickers

Private Message added 2006-05-27

NameBari Plaugher Fennell
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MessageFor those who didn't already find out, dear Mr. Gar Lockrem passed away on Sunday, May 21, 2006.

He was a special influence in the lives of many of us who were in choirs and quartets and he will never be forgotten by us.

I know that I will never forget him standing in front of the choir at rehearsal and pulling down on his nose with his index finger when he was beyond annoyed with us all! What MORE could he possibly do to get us to shut up?? Ha!

I will also never forget seeing him tell/show us he got goosebumps in concert when we hit a great chord.

God bless you, Mr. Lockrem....

NameColleen O'Reilly Brooks
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MessageTo All past Sibley Choir Members

I just wanted to let you know that our beloved choir director Gar Lockrem's wife pasted away last night (she was battling cancer for a while). The funeral is going to be
this Saturday (2/4) @ 2PM at Easter Lutheran Church in Eagan (corner of Diffley Rd and Pilot Knob Rd). The Lockrem's sold there home in Park
Rapids a few years ago and moved to Eagan to be close to their family - Gar and Eileen are members at Easter Church. Gar would like to have
Beautiful Savior sung at the funeral. I know it is short notice. The rehearsal will be Saturday @ 1PM at the church. Please pass this info along to anyone you think would like to come. Gar meant so much to so many people this is just one small thing we can do for him.

NameTimothy Brown
MessageHi Everyone!

I just wanted to take a minute and wish you all a super new year!

We all are or have been dealing with some level of bad things in our lives.

My hope is that you are all able to find the strength you need to make it through your difficulties and the compassion to forgive those who cause you aggrevation.

Remember to love those who love you and to love yourself as well. Set small goals as well as large long term ones and celebate your accomplishments.

Anyway, take care and enjoy everything you do.

Timothy Brown

NameCheri (Madigan) Longnecker
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MessageLet me know when the next event is scheduled. We were unable to make the 25th, but would like to make upcoming events.

Cheri (Madigan) Longnecker
2503 Big Woods Road
Cedar Falls, IA 50613

NameDeb (Adams) Anderson
MessageI just want to thank all of the reunion planners and attendees for a great 2 nights of fun. (meet and greet and the reunion)Thanks for bringing back old memories and creating new ones.

Deb Anderson

NameJeff Dusek
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MessageI hope everyone had a great time at the reunion.
I wish I could have been there.
Keep in touch
Jeff Dusek smilie

NameJerry Larson
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MessageA special thanks to Karen, Vicki, Karen, Colleen, Jeff, Tim, Bari, and anyone else who worked on the reunion - great job! It was great to see everyone. We had a great turn out but it was hard to get to say high to everyone. Hopefully everyone will have a great next 5 years till the next reunion.

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