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NameKaren Phipps Bluhm
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MessageLooking forward to the reunion! Besides Kim and Vicki I'm sure there are other nurses in the class. Since I'm currently in nursing school at Inver Hills I would love to talk to anyone already in or retired from the field. Email me, look me up, or come find me at the reunion!
After working at the Minesota, Ramsey County, and Dakota County Historical Societies doing exhibit research and design, I was an at-home mom for 14 years. My husband, Chuck, and I live in W. St. Paul next door to my Mom & Dad, and we have 3 kids: Charlie (17) a senior at Sibley this year, Elsa (15) will be a sophomore at Sibley, and Mark (10) 5th grade at Heritage Middle School (the replacement for the old Grass Jr. High). And Julie Killian Kelly, you were our best bus driver!

NameJohn Jurewicz
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MessageI run my own architecture firm in a historic town, Woodstock, outside of Chicago and have 2 children Katie, 15 and Jake, 13.

I was divorced 9 years ago and have never remarried. Just saw Cold Play last night live and before the reunion will be running a marathon in Iceland. Looking forward to the reunion! smilie

NameKimberly Ann Anderson
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MessageTwenty five years, where has the time gone?
I have never made it to a reunion yet...Maybe this year?
I now live in Wis. I have three beautiful daughters and teach Pre-school after retiring from nursing 11 years ago.
I am enclosing my email should anyone want to get ahold of me.
Kim (Gallo) Anderson

NameVicky Zaine Michaels
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MessageHi, Thank you for all your hard work in putting this together. My husband Craig and I are living in Applevalley. He is a CPA and I am a Registered Nurse in the operating room at United hospital. Ive worked in trama centers in Houston Texas and Pasadena CA, and its great to be back home. I have been an OR nurse for over 23 yrs.We have three daughters, Jenny 18, Mary 17 and Rebecca 7yrs old. Life is always so busy, and I cant believe its been 25yrs. I look so forward to seeing all of you at the reunion. If you haven't signed up please do so it sounds like a fun night.

NameScott Littfin
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MessageSharon Reko: Can you contact me by email at acepilot@bloomer.net ? I met you at the 10 year reunion and you may or may not remember me. I had re-established contact with Allan back in about 1996 or 1997 when we were living down near La Crosse, WI. We now live near Eau Claire, WI. I was saddened to learn of his passing on this website...Thanks!

Scott A. Littfin

NameJeff Dusek
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MessageThis is Jeff Dusek from steamy Tampa Bay Florida.
Wishing everyone a great time at the reunion.
I can't make it up there, with 3kids, 3 horses and a wife that travels all the time. It would be very hard to get away. feel free to e mail me as I would like to here from you guys.
have fun smilie

NameJulie (Killian) Kelly
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MessageSo, Sign the guest book? OK Hmmm 25 years what
do you know about that. Never really missed
a lot about school. Met my husband in 1980. We
married in 1984. I worked for 1st Bank, St. Paul
for almost 9 years when Mike and I desided to go
to Diesel Driving School in Sun Prairie, WI. I
graduated doing better than half the guys. We
drove truck for 3 years together nation/wide plus
Canada. What a way to see the country! Then that
was enough I decided to drive a school bus. I am
currently employed at ISD 197 Transportation, this will be my 16th year. In 1998 our son Tom
was born. In 2001 Cathy was born. Being a full
time mom and bus driver keeps me busy. Mike is
a regional/road driver trainer for Old Dominion
Freight Lines. He been there for 8 Years. We
live in WSP in my parents home. Mike works nights
so we live an upside-down life. It makes life
interesting and annoying at times. See you on
Saturday. Julie K. smilie

NameChuck Jones
MessageHey everybody! Check out the info on the events page regarding the golf outing 8/26. Sign up and join us for a great day!

NameSharon Reko
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MessageAltho I am not an official classmate, I have been encouraged to submit an entry. I am Allan Reko's widow. I will not be able to attend the Reunion but wish you all the best.
One of the greatest things Allan was proud, happy, and thrilled about before he died was that he had had the opportunity to work with some pretty great people on the 20th Sibley Reunion. By working on it he was able to reconnect with many friends that had a lot of special meaning in his life.
Allan was diagnosed with Lung Cancer in April, 2001 and died from its complications in May 2001. Even tho we really had only a month, he was able to reconnect, spend meaningful time, and renew friendships because of being involved with the Reunion committee and attending the 20th Reunion.
For those of you who had a chance to say good bye and those of you who saw us at the Reunion, I want to say thank-you. Your friendship, caring and good memories shared made Allan very happy in the end.
I encourage and hope that many of you take the opportunity to go to the reunion or take part in it. You will never know what it may mean to someone you reconnect with until you do.
I also want to mention that this webpage is awesome! Allan became a techno geek and was really into this stuff. He would have loved seeing that the Sibley Class of 1980 has its own page!
Congratulations on a job well done.

NameScott Littfin
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MessageUnless things happen to change, I will not be able to make it to the reunion. It would be nice to hook up with old friends! I defected to Wisconsin back in 1984 and currently live in Bloomer, which is about 15 miles North of Eau Claire. I am a field engineer for an electric utility and work in radio communications. I still fly small airplanes (I started flying while a sophomore at Sibley and soloed before I had my drivers license!). I own a 2 seat plane and am building another one in my workshop. The new one will cruise at about 185 MPH which is great for long distance trips smilie
I have started a non-profit aviation camp for underpriviledged kids...see http://www.kidsfly.org/ for more info on that venture. Hopefully, things might change so that I can make it!

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