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NameRobert Schultek
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MessageHello to the Class with Class smilie
I m sorry I will not be able to attend this reunion since my family and I are right in the middle of relocating to Houston, TX again. For those who knew/know me I have continued into the crazy world of aviation now at my 5th airline (Continental-737 pilot) hoping to be my last. I have 2 boys William 19 who is going to U of Minn on a scholarship and Brandon age 17. My wife and I are moving back to Houston trying to keep my away from home time to a minimum since we have 2 boys TJ and JT to get through the tough yrs of school. I sure was hoping to see all of you at this reunion however there just aren t enough hours in the day ... see you at the 30th ?? feel free to drop me an email at [email protected] ps. dont give up hope if I can be there last minute I will make every effort possible ... nice to at hear about fellow classmates and I hope to see more msgs on here and for those no longer with us god bless ...

NameMitch Trier
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MessageTo John Jurewicz.

I was in Woodstock, IL last Saturday night the 20th for the auto show. I live in Downers Grove, IL. We were in Union, IL to visit the railroad museum and decided to stop by Woodstoock on the drive back. A little out of the way, but Woodstock is a beautiful town. For those who do not know, the movie Groundhog Day was filmed there.

Mitch Trier

NamePatti Shaughnessy
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MessageGood luck with your reunion! We (1985) just had our 20th on the 13th and it was a blast, so here's hoping yours is a success! I recognize a lot of names--Vicky Zaine Michaels used to babysit me YEARS AGO, and Robin Levine Rank was my Pom-Pom coach when I was at Sibley. (And yes I not only still have my poms I still have those ugly saddle shoes, and they were on the display table at our reunion!) I had the chance to reconnect with Karen and Vicki (Sheffer) a couple of years ago on the All Class Reunion planning committee. Have a wonderful weekend!!!

NameJohn Korby
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MessageWow....It's hard to believe it has been 25 years....please slow the bus down!!!!!! My wife and I are going on 20 years with 2 children (well...pretty much going on adulthood). My son, Alex (John Jr.), is 16 and will be a Junior this year and my daughter, Liz, is 14 (going 0n 20!!) will be a freshman, both going to Lakeville North. My wife decided to find herself and is back in college for an Interior Design Degree after being a stay-at-home-mom for several years. I still run an insurance consulting business in Eden Prairie. We live on Maple Island (yes it really is an island!)on Crystal Lake in Burnsville and really enjoy the lake life, especially when everybody is fighting their way up north to their cabins. I look forward to seeing everybody since I missed the 20...thanks to everyone who worked so hard to put this reunuin together!!

[email protected]

NameMichael Johnson
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MessageThank you to the organizers of the 25 year reunion! You did a great job, as well as developed an amazing web site.

I am married and live across the river in Highland Park with my wife and four children. My company is also located in St. Paul and I am happy to live near the airport as I fly way too much.

My kids will occassionally watch That 70's Show and ask me if that's what it was really like in the old days? Was your hair that long and your clothes that ugly? I thought we were pretty cool and it was a great time to grow up. Today's teenagers, as my children have taught me have a language of their own. That's sick is actually a compliment today, and pimp does not have the same connotation it once did.

I look forward to seeing everyone in the city of our arch-enemy, South St. Paul!

NameAnn Lachenmayer Connelly
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MessageKaren Brill, Eva Johnson, Joy Ellison, Bari Plaugher, Therese Dousch, Gary Starkman and Mark Hall are the 1980 classmates that I occasionally see. Blessed with a wonderful husband and 3 happy, healthy children. I work part-time at Thomson West (aka West Publishing) to support my habits of: volunteering at kids' school and in the community, golfing, keeping a weed-free zone for my 11 gardens, piano and bookclub. I'm a golf nut and got a hole-in-1 at Mendakota Country club last year. I'm also an advanced cancer survivor and am busy with doctor appointments - about 2 1/2 years out smilie I enjoy everyday by sharing and helping others. Everyone has a story and I'm looking forward to hearing from my classmates at the reunion!!! smilie

NameDenise Olsen
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MessageHello All:

Kudos to those who have organized this event! The website is excellent and it is great that it is being continually updated. Very fun to see who has registered for the event. I'm sure Friday night will be very well attended and may entice those of you who are on the fence about Saturday night to commit to the party. If for no other reason than to support the cause and to help out the class financially. All of the time and effort is surely appreciated (and doesn't come free)!! So, any of the girls going golfing Friday afternoon??? Wally will be in town and is planning on golfing. If I don't golf I will then be spending the afternoon with his wife Michelle and catching up with everyone afterwards. I can be reached at [email protected] smilie

NameVicky Zaine Michaels
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MessageHi again, Im sorry I forgot to include my e mail address. [email protected] I look forward to seeing you all at the reunion. Take care, your friend, Vicky

NamePatrice Blaeser-Butenhoff
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MessageWow 25 Years! It seems cliché to say, where has the time gone but as many of you can relate, I have been saying that a lot. I remember as a kid being told that the older you get the faster time flies. Back then I didn't understand that time could be such a relative thing. Now as an adult looking back I understand that 25 years ago truly was another lifetime for all of us. We were just naive kids back then. Now many of us have married and raised families and have children that have graduated or will soon graduate from high school themselves (I have an 18 year old daughter that will be a sophomore at the College of St. Benedicts and a 13 year old son at that will be a 7th grader). My husband, kids and I live in WSP less than a mile from where I grew up. In addition to chasing the “American Dream” and chasing our kids to the ball fields and hockey arenas we keep busy working on our home (it was built in 1936 so it needs lots of work), chasing the dog when she gets loose (to often) and traveling when we get the chance (never often enough). While I work for Xcel Energy in Minneapolis, I spend a fair amount of time in our other office in Denver CO. The week preceding the reunion I will be in CO for Board Strategy Sessions & Retreat. But will try to get back for the reunion. I truly appreciate the time and effort the committee has put into planning this event and I look forward to catching up with many of you on the 27th.

NameTimothy Brown
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MessageHi everyone!

To quote Joe Walsh of the Eagles: Life Has Been Good To Me So Far. I am looking forward to seeing everyone who is able to attend the reunion events, and to those unable to make it, I hope to see you at another one in the future!

We have all changed over the years and it is always fun to see if we can remember faces and names.

I was really able to reconnect with a lot of people at the 20th reunion and hope to renew/make friendships at this one as well.

I look forward to chatting with everyone, and remember, no matter who you are talking to, how great they look, how rich they may appear, or how popular they may seem, everyone is dealing with problems in their lives, trying to get by the best they can. Acknowlege them, smile at them, and let them know, Hey, I remember you, I just can not remember your name!

Hope to see you at the reunion..

Take Care,

Timothy Brown

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