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NamePatrick Ryan
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MessageThanks to Karen Wondra Grisham who contacted me via my Facebook account, I was clued into this. I look to volunteer to help with the 30 year reunion in what way I can, and to see some of you as well.

NameVicki Sheffer
MessageHi Sibley Class of 1980 -

I am working on finding folks on our Lost List. Please check it out and if you know the location of anyone listed, please send me an email with their info to vickishef@gmail.com. If you know of anyone who hasn't received an invite/registration form, please direct them to our website.

Thanks and look forward to seeing you at our reunion!

Vicki smilie

Namethomas kaiser
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MessageHi all, I received this sight form Al Doroff. 30 years already. time goes too fast. I'm married to a beautiful Filipina lady who has blessed me with 4 beautiful childern. Amy 7 Maria 5 John 3 Tom 2. Also going back to school full time working on my AAS Degree in HVAC. One to go then Graduation day. Miss everyone, still live in West St. Paul. My job is ending next year. They want me to relocate to Salt Lake City. I tell them I live in Minnesota, it's in my blood

To all I have harmed in my actions and words I ask forgiveness.

Dont drink and drive, and hold your childern tightly.

NameSteve lefeber
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Messageits funny how life changes you.i have thought about many of you lately some i liked some i didn't care for but all had an impact on my life.
in my head I'm still 18 and school was only a short while ago,in the mirror I'm 48--I'm OK with that.
see you at the 30
if i owe apologies to any one let me know so i can try to make amends.
have a great day
Steve choppersteve@comcast.net

NameJeanne (Baumgartner) Adam
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MessageI just found this page through Facebook. I can't believe 30 years has gone by! I am not sure if I will make it to the reunion, but will do my best.

I live in Savage, MN with my husband, Mark, and three kids (Dan - 20, Rachel - 17, and Tommy - almost 12). I currently work full time at a market research firm.

I hope you are all doing well!


NameClaire Lundquist Killian
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MessageHi all choir folks. Guess Stan and Dan, the bus drivers are still around. Spoke with their parents. Stan is still single!

I guess there were a lot of girls calling way back when.

That's it. Have a great day!

Claire Lundquist Killian (yes, married to Mr. Killian the science teacher at Sibley) smilie

NameCraig M. Rosenblum
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MessageJust hoping to see some of my friends that I haven't seen at the reunions, like Patrick Ryan...

NameScott Littfin
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MessageLooking forward to making the 30 year reunion this year. The only one I've made so far is the 10 year. Hopefully there will be at least ONE person I recognize and could pick out of a police lineup smilie

Life has been interesting since graduation...spent some time overseas, compliments of the USAF. Now in live in Wisconsin...hey, I almost stepped in some cow pie smilie

See ya all in a few months (I'll make sure my boots are clean!) smilie

Party on dudes and dudettes! smilie

Nameclaire killian (lundquist)
Locationclick picture for more information
MessageHi all, not too exciting, married, with one son who is 18 and an Eagle Scout. Pat, my husband works at Sibley in the Science Department. I work for Sister Kenny Sports and Physical Therapy. In my spare time I garden, bellydance, and have lots of fun with friends.


NameJeffrey B. Adams
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MessageHey old classmates ! Been watching this site for the 30th news, since I missed all the other reunions. I do keep in touch with some, but not enough people. I spent 10 years in Hollywood,CA, as a music and nightclub promoter, 15 years cooking in the twin cities, traveled all over america (hmm-wunderlust) and finally returned in 2001. On April 2,2008, I was drinking and driving, had a diabetic seizure, and crashed into the wall at savoy pizza at 70 mph head-on. Spent 3 mnths in icu at regions, 2 mnths in trauma, and almost 2 years now in recovery. Had 1/2 my left leg amputated(Thank God they left my humor bone intact).Re-starting my life now as a professional photographer, own my own business in Lowertown St. Paul. Can be contacted at jbadams62@juno.com and do have myspace/jeffrocks62.(with pics).
God bless all and hope to see you! smilie

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