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NameLisa Rawls-Wilson
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MessageI just wanted to take the time to thank you, Mr. Spinney, for your characters. I grew up on Big Bird, and that was my dad's nickname for me until the day he died -- and I was NEVER ashamed of him calling me that because I loved that big yellow bird so. Everything that I ever learned that was important, I learned from Big Bird and Sesame Street. Now I am happy to be able to watch you with my my youngest kids and now my grandson (!) and you're the same Big Bird I used to watch when I was their age. With so much change going on in the world, it's nice to have one thing that's constant.

NameMichelle Nash
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MessageThank you for bringing to live, the characters you portray on Sesame street! It's my joy to have watched the "retro" episodes when they were "new" episodes and thank you for keeping them alive for me to enjoy with my kids! Heck - I remember when Oscar was orange! Man, am I old! Thanks a million for your hard work and dedication!

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MessageI met Caroll Spinney personally at chiller and now for my college class i am making my own fan site for him.

NameCarmine Capobianco
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MessageDear Caroll,
We met yesterday in Parsippany, NJ where I related my appreciation for your great talents. You, as Big Bird (and Ernie singing Rubber Duckie)have a huge influence on my 10 month old Michael (as you did on my 22-year-old Emily who was happy to meet you also). When he gets fussy, I show him a Big Bird video and let him hug his Big Bird doll. He smiles at me as if to say "Thanks, Dad. Just what I needed." I was in awe of your kindness and generosity yesterday. Michael loves his photo of Big Bird and the personal "hello" recorded on my phone brought a sparkly ear to ear smile. I have met several celebrities, but never one with a heart the size of yours! Thank you ever so much!

NameD'marqus Lamar morgan
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MessageHi Caroll, I am your biggst fan of your 8foot2 bird & your grouch. Can send me 200 fethers off of bigbird and a set of roller skates that bigbird dont use no more?... And I love trash is one of my asome songs and can you please send me a photo of bigbird? let me know please talk to you later your friend D'marqus.

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NameLauren D
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MessageHi Caroll,

I met you two years ago at Rolf's in manhattan. You were there with your wife and I was there with three friends after we had just seen a Giants game. At the time of our meeting I didn't know you were a Boston College Alumni. My friends and I also attended BC and I was very excited to hear we had the same alma mater!! If you are ever back at Rolf's or ANYWHERE in the area look us up. We will always cherish our evening with you!!
xox Lauren

NameSally Dunn
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MessageHello Caroll!
Just wanted to thank you again for your kindness in taking time to draw the wonderful picture of 'Ernie and Moah Ernie' for me. You have had a huge influence on my children and on the children I have taught over the years! It was an honor to meet with you and your wife and the show in Chicago!
Sally Dunn

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NameLee MacFarland
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MessageMy husband wanted me to look you up on the computer and see if your still doing Sesame St.
Our kids watched you when they were small, my son was 4 yrs old when Sesame St first aired in our area,1969 (Newton Ma) and loved it. My Father in law worked with your Father at the Waltham Watch Factory. (Elston MacFarland). You and your parents stayed at their house in Union Me. (probably around 38 yrs ago)! and you autographed a picture that you slept in the bed there. The kids loved it, it was so special. Your mom sent my in laws a Christmas card that I believe you had drawn and sent her. It was from Bavaria and had you and your wife and big bird, oscar and picklepuss. Anyway we have always loved big bird, and just wanted to share a bit of history with the guest book site. Best wishes and Happy New Year!! Fran & Lee MacFarland, Union, Me

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