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NamePam Zide
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MessageI met Caroll at my parents truck stop when he was Mr.Lion on Bozo in Boston. He became a big part of our lives, visiting our house, eating at the diner when in town. Oscar was designed after my dad John Kendall (go ahead you can ask him). Mom & dad are gone now, but I think of Caroll quite often especially when I see something about Sesame Street (which both my boys watched when they were young). If you happen to get in touch with him please tell him I say hello. My brothers are both still in MA and I live in NM.When we get together we talk about the night we "discovered" Mr. Lion!
Pam Kendall Zide

NameHolly Thrasher
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MessageMr. Spinney:

I have always loved you, but now that I work in public broadcasting I can't tell you how much I respect you and your dedication to such important work. All of us -- me, my husband and our three-year-old daughter -- thank you for all that you are, and all that you've done. Our members and viewers thank you, too.

God bless you, sir.

Holly Thrasher
Bloomington, IN

NameRobert Shaffer
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MessageHello Carrol & Debbie, It was a great pleasure to meet you and your wife at Brian's place 85 Main Street in Putnam last night 8/12/12 Thank God for people like you!

Mad Love

Bob Shaffer

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NameAnne Born
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MessageYou were the nicest, most charming passenger I ever had on my airplane (former flight attendant). It was the highlight of my career to have you and your wife, and I have told people for years what an interesting man you were. I admire your years of wholesome entertainment for children. What a legacy you have carved out for us!. I hope you are blessed with peace in your heart for your service.
Most sincerely,

NameStan Marvin
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MessageI first met Carroll as Ed Spinney when I was a young, fresh out of Emerson College, floor director for WHDH and the Bozo the Clown series. Ed was Bozo's (Frank Avruch's)side kick, and was amazingly talented. I recall, when Ed announced he was leaving the show and heading to NYC for a new PBS series, how we in the big shot world of commercial TV (CBS's largest affiliate at the time) thought he was making a career mistake. How bizarre! Congratulations, on your amazing career over the decades. I am honored to have known you and to now be a program director of a Northern California PBS affiliate (KRCB) who get's to broadcst Sesame Street each morning.

NameBobby Bonser
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MessageBeen years since I've seen you. Moved to Cuba MO in 1985 on a job transfer. May god bless you in all you have done in educating our children. Your creativity and encouragement always inspired me and I should have gone to art school like you suggested because my creative side still thrives to create. smilie
Best wishes

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NameDonna Supernor Wade
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MessageHi Carroll,
It has been years seen you have seen me but I think of you often. I travel to NYC a couple times of year and was wondering if it is possible to visit the set of Sesame Street? Are tickets available?
Happy New Year! Brother Bob is visiting this week end and has talked of your adventures together. Brings back a few memories!
Love to All
Donna (Sissy) Supernor

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