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NameKrystal from usm
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MessageHello my name is Krystal and i just happened to run into your profile on unsolved aka usm.i dont know if this site is yours or not but you put it under your website on your usm profile smilie.well now i am going to read some more posts and talk to some people on says you haven't been on since January so maybe you can come back so we can chat sometime.if you want to talk to me on usm my id number is 63118 and my alias is princess krystal!toodles for now! smilie smilie smilie smilie

NamePaul Bokdam
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MessageI love Big Bird! Infact I have a website dedicated to all international Big Birds! I hope you find the time to visit it and let me know what you think... A big overseas fan from Holland smilie

NameCandy O.
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MessageThank you for your great site! I have visited here several times....that's how much I love it! Caroll is my hero...what a true inspiration he is to many. Thanks Caroll, for all that you do and have done for children all over the world. You are truely blessed with a special gift. My dream is to meet you, some day. I'm still dreaming!

Nametom Holbrook
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MessageMr. Spinney,
I am a fan of your work from way back.
We talked once over 10 years ago about your work on the Boston Bozo show. I am still working on the Bozo project and adding items all of the time.
I am going to write to you. I hope you will reply. I am looking to finish my research,... on your Bozo show work with Frank.
A very nice site.
Your pal & fan,

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Messagei just wanted to say that i jsut finished reading the great book called the wisdom of big bird and LOVED it. I am fifteen years old and i have grown up loving big bird and sesame street 123. I just have even more respect for the pupet master mr. Spinney. All in all i just wanted to thank Mr.spinney for all that you have done in my life as big bird and Oscar!!

Nameemily rizio
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MessageVery Nice Indeed!

NameJeni (Webmaster)
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MessageJust testing the guestbook.

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