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NameRobert "Buckle Bob" Hover
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MessageThanks for all you've done in your chosen career.
One of my favorite photos is of you and Elvis Presley sitting the fenders of a Cadillac in Meridian, Miss. Your father, Hank Snow, is my all-time favorite country singer and guitarist.

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NameKaren Sullivan
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MessageThank you for all you do. I never miss a program, and we love your teaching. Hopefully, we can come to your Church when we pass through Tennessee in November. Again, thank you.

Lord Bless and keep you,

Karen Sullivan

NamePeg Buscher
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MessageThank you for your teaching of Old and New Testaments and how they are uniquely tied together. I enjoy your show on TCT. May God continue to grow His ministry thru you. So grateful that there is True Christian teaching put forth on the TV. Thanks for extending God's kingdom, may He be glorified, may you be blessed and may salvation continue to grow!

Namegary nevins
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Messagelove your tv program. would like to join your church.

NameTehry Smith
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MessageGreetings Pastor and may the favor of the Lord our God shine upon you!
I appreciate being able to watch your teaching each week on the TCT (over the air) channel here in West Michigan.
Thank you for what you are doing for God and for your encouragement to study the word!

NameMike Smith
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MessageCongratulations, Jimmie! Your work for Christ is beyond anything else you could ever have done. Christ’s Calling is real, sure and undeniable. It definitely took stronger than normal courage to pass over the world’s offerings of certain fame and fortune. You did it and I’m prouder of you than of Elvis or any other. Blessings and finish strong!!!
Mike Smith, Bristol, VA

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MessageShalom Brother Jimmie through Yeshua. Amen.
Catholicism states it changed The Almighty's Holy Day from the 7th to the 1st day. Amen?

I can find no Scripture commanding we keep the 1st day Holy.

Therefore all who do keep Sun Day as Holy, willfully sins against God Almighty's 4th Commandment. Amen?

Will He judge you all as such sinners?
I say all this through Messiah’s precious love amen but His Word does say denominational churches are the daughters of apostate Catholicism.

We enjoy your Revelation teachings amen and you mentioned that you began a church with Sun Day meetings and felt a need to know why not on His Holy Day?

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NameMary kathleen Brown
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MessagePlease tell me where to watch you on television and dates to come see you in Tennessee praise God For you please add me to your prayers

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