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MessageShalom Brother Jimmie through Yeshua. Amen.
Catholicism states it changed The Almighty's Holy Day from the 7th to the 1st day. Amen?

I can find no Scripture commanding we keep the 1st day Holy.

Therefore all who do keep Sun Day as Holy, willfully sins against God Almighty's 4th Commandment. Amen?

Will He judge you all as such sinners?
I say all this through Messiah’s precious love amen but His Word does say denominational churches are the daughters of apostate Catholicism.

We enjoy your Revelation teachings amen and you mentioned that you began a church with Sun Day meetings and felt a need to know why not on His Holy Day?

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NameMary kathleen Brown
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MessagePlease tell me where to watch you on television and dates to come see you in Tennessee praise God For you please add me to your prayers

NameSally Backstrom
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MessageHello Pastor. Just wanted to tell you how much I'm blessed by your Journey Through the Bible. I watch every Sunday on TCT through Direct TV. I appreciate how you connect the Old and New Testaments.

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MessageI enjoy your program, have learned a lot watching you.

NameGary Crawford
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MessageHi Jimmie,

I enjoyed watching you tonight on the TCT channel. I always enjoy listening to you teach the history and most importantly the terminology of the Bible.
God bless you my brother in your journey in life and sharing the Good News!

NameDon Ridley
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Messageenjoying your studr on revelation on pure channel

Namephilip snow
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Messagehi rev snow I'm from newfoundland trying to find if your related to any snow in newfoundland I do one man country music shows you might have heard my cousin singing Lloyd snow

NameTeresa Howdyshell
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MessageWe have been watching your program for over a year now and make it a point to catch your message whenever you are on! Usually we can watch you twice on Sunday Nights on TCT if we time things right. It is refreshing to hear the Word that you bring with insights that the Lord gives you! Revelation has come alive as you work your way through the Word. God allows you to sum up the "difficult" in a way that makes it is easy to understand and apply. Thank you for your ministry and thank you for always reaching out to any that may not know God. We have told our friends about TCT and your program.

Namesteve lewellyn
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Messagewatched 10 episodes of revelations of pureflix... its was really great alot was way over my head but i really think i got what you were saying ..thxs for helping my heart open more ,,,,

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