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Private Message added 2023-02-22

NameWillliam Walker
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MessageDear friends in Christ, please pray for me and my mother Nancy

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MessageDear Jimmie,
I watch your ministry every Sunday and just want you to know how much I appreciate your inspiring messages of the gospel. I love how you are so very straightforward, knowledgeable, and honest in your teachings. Please never apologize for anything you say, such as perhaps "repeating yourself" or giving a recap of a previous message. All that you say is relevant and lovely! May God continuously bring blessing to you and your dear family.
Eternally in Christ,

NameClaude Duguay
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MessageHi Jimmis,

I really appreciate your explanations of the Bible on TCT, great job you are doing, many thanks!
Prayer is a great strength and gives me hope!

My dad were from New Brunswick, at that time when your father was on tour in this part of the country, my dad had the privilege of meeting him, and he became his big fan! My father with his brothers was musicians like many families at that time, in the 30s and 40s I think . that's how they met. Later in the 60s, I was very young , I remember we went to see and listen your dad at the Montreal forum, very nice memories! I grew up listening Hank Snow music!
Your father had a wonderful voice and his beautiful music will always be in our hearts!

About me, I'm retired, I've been playing the guitar since I was young, practice fingerpicking, it makes me forget the little worries of life,
I thank God everyday for this and for all that he have done for me!

Let me wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, Health and Happiness,
Peace be with you and yours and with all friends of the earth!

May God bless you!

Terrebonne ,Quebec,Canada

NameTimmy W Scott
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MessageLove your engrafting messages Jimmy; watch you Sunday nights on TCT. I'm in kentucky, a quadriplegic 42 years and seeing/hearing your teachings helps me grow spiritually my friend.
See my story on gofundme; search tim scott, quadriplegic, invention shop.

Loved you on TCTs 45th' ...


NameAnthony Marinilli
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Messagehey man i’d just like to say that i think its pretty darn cool that youre named after jimmie rodgers the singing brakeman. also you and your pop are wicked good musicans. hope you read this mr. snow have a good day! smilie

NameWalter Drake
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MessageI am viewing and enjoying your TV messages on the Cleveland, Ohio TV programs. Thank you for the true scriptural messages.

NameDenise Potter
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MessageMy parents are big fans your dear Father and I grew up listening to him and Elvis and love them both.
I took our 21 year old daughter to see the new Elvis film and she too has become a big fan and listens every day to all the music she’s discovered. Our youngest daughter who is 16 loves Country music too and watches every program she can about it all.
I hope you get to read this and can we thank you for such wonderful music.
Best wishes from
Denise, Emma and Amie xx

NameAndrew Lindsay
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MessageI grew up loving Hank Snow songs. My mother was from Nova Scotia and told me that Clearance Eugene Snow, whom I later learned was Hank Snow, was a friend of her family and spent a lot of time visiting. I was told that my uncle Frank Bradley played music with him before he left NS.

When my mother introduced me to Hank Snow music, I was an instant fan and he is still my favourite musician!

I’m so proud to be a Hank Snow Fan!

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MessageThank you for your teaching blessed program!!!!Sunday're is my favorite along with the other lineup...straight from the word of God.....showing some text.on the screen very informative...and current things happening lineing up with Gods prophetic...warnings...many thanks this program!!! smilie smilie

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