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MessageShalom. What is sin?
And what is repentance?
Is it true Roman Catholicism changed God's Holy Day to Sunday?
Thank you.

NameDale Curry
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MessageThank you for all of the time you provide to prepare and tape Journey Through The Bible on TCT. I love to hear the word of guide as it is meant to be heard. Where do you pastor in Nashville? I would like to visit your church the next time I am in town. Be strong Dr. Jimmy Snow and lead us to salvation. May God Bless you and the United States of America.

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NameDennis ladley
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MessageI enjoy watching your program every Sunday night at 10:00 on tct. If I lived in Nashville I would surly attend your church.Keep up the good work jimmy. smilie

NameDoug Torrance
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MessageThank you, Rev. Snow for continuing to preach the Word of God! I first had the pleasure of seeing you live at the Opry back in the nineteen eighties on a trip to Nashville. I was fortunate enough to be on assignment with a Canadian country music magazine and spoke at length with your Dad. What a wonderful Christian man!! Please continue to preach the truth, not as the world sees it, but as the Lord wants it to be compromise!
Blessings from Canada.

NameBarbara Mccrary
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MessageI get such joy from your teaching into the word of God with understand ,though the Holy Spirit. smilie

NameMatthew Guy Clarke
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MessageThank you Jimmy Snow for your teachings. I have been searching for your sermons to be rebroadcast. I have not found them anywhere. Do you know it is free to place them on YouTube? I found only one sermon that was published by TCT where I watch you at.
Unfortunately my memory abilities does not let me remember everything you say and am interested in things you say. I pray you rebroadcast these sermons. Thankyou again. Your one of few that actually teaches what I refer to as proper biblically based teaching.

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NameDavid Riley
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MessageI started watching you on TNT months ago but you didn't come on last month and I was concerned about you. But now you're back and your show is such a blessing to me, I'm sorry to hear you and your wife got the virus. We serve a mighty God and He brought you both through it and now you get to bless me and others with your teaching, thank you.
I started watching Les Feldick last year and I enjoy him very much but he retired from his show about 12 years ago. You remind me of him, I just wonder if you've heard of him? I feel The Spirit of God when I hear from you both! Keep teaching Sir! There's so many lost souls out here that aren't hearing the Truth of Scripture! God Bless You

NameAngela Torres
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MessageI used to watch you on TCT on my tv when I was a young wife then we moved and got cable and I haven't seen you for a long time. I now have a computer and googled TCT and I found you again and it is so good to hear you again. Can you tell me about the woman at the well that Jesus spoke to was she a prostitute or not ?

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