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NameSusan Kiesel
Date112010-09pm-10Tue, 09 Nov 2010 15:08:36 -0500
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MessageI came home yesterday with your latest book "Growing Older" and found myself glued to it. I took a a break to cook for husband (frozen stuffed zucchini log and pasta -an experiment) and then back to finish the book. I have three vegetable gardens and now I want more. Thank-you for sharing your stories, your knowledge and your feelings. I LOVED the book!!

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NameLaurel Roland
Date102010-18pm-10Mon, 18 Oct 2010 12:17:31 -0400
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MessageJoan, thanks for being an inspiration. I am just now reading your "This Organic Life" and feel comforted by hearing you talk about how some people view your message as a burden. I'm a nurse and can identify with the sadness that comes from trying to teach people something that feels so freeing and such a step up from what we're currently doing, and then it's healthy and good for the planet to boot--only to have most people look down and away...We are in our 3rd year of gardening and I never knew things could taste so good!

NameJohanna Ericson
Date092010-05pm-10Sun, 05 Sep 2010 14:41:38 -0400
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MessageDear Joan,
I very much enjoyed reading the article in the NY Times about your garden. I remember how I felt when a NJ northeaster demolished my "tall" garden of various kinds of sunflowers. I admire your fortitude to rebuild and improve your garden. I'd love to see it in person. It sounds beautiful-especially the clover walkways. I look forward to reading your books. Thanks for being a leader in an important movement.

Namenaomi shihab nye
Date082010-26pm-10Thu, 26 Aug 2010 20:49:40 -0400
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MessageDear Joan, You are wonderful and I wish I lived down the road and could dig some dirt with you. May your new garden flourish mightily.

from a fan in San Antonio Texas.

NameElise Simon Goodman
Date082010-22pm-10Sun, 22 Aug 2010 12:50:28 -0400
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MessageDear Dr. Gussow:

I first knew of your work when you were in a program in the NY Women's Culinary Alliance, and have admired reading and hearing about you since.

Thank you for good suggestion about freezing Swiss Chard.

My husband and I (who are literary agents:Goodman Associates, and represent many food writers-Jim Peterson, Moosewood Restaurant, etc.) have a wonderful veg garden in Millerton, NY. Sorry to hear about your disaster, but hope that things are picking up.

Would be grateful for a suggestion about how to make my peaches more flavorful. Finally got a crop this year by netting against squirrels, but they didn't taste delicious. We use compost, but no other fertilizer because the land feeds into our 1 acre pond and we don't want algae to grow.

Have 6 trees- can't remember the kind, but bought them for our zone.

Many thanks, and continued good growing,

Elise Goodman

NameNina Sutton
Date082010-22am-10Sun, 22 Aug 2010 09:58:53 -0400
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MessageJoan, at 51 - I am learning that life is all about resilience and reinventing/rebuilding. Yours is a wonderful story.
Thanks for sharing.


NameAnne DiNoto
Date082010-22am-10Sun, 22 Aug 2010 08:07:14 -0400
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I read the article in the NYT, which lead me to this website. Thank you for sharing your story! This is exactly what I need right now. This has been my most challenging garden so far. (I grew up in upstate NY and was lucky to learn how to garden from dad.)
For the first time, I have a plot in a community garden. The season was delayed because of major flooding, a downed tree that was so big cranes were used to remove it, bugs, critters and shade due to neighboring abandoned plots with weeds towering 6 feet.
I am hoping to work to start a garden in another location or rebuild this garden as you have done.
Thanks for the inspiration!

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NameKaren Sieben
Date082010-22am-10Sun, 22 Aug 2010 07:28:38 -0400
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MessageJoan, like other people who have posted I have just learned of your garden and your work (today's NYT piece). I'm a philosophy instructor in New Jersey and I too have been thinking of my Fall lectures. But for me my discussions are on environmental ethics. I'm going to take a look at McKibben's "Eaarth" to see if it works for me too. I have a feeling it will.
Like you I appreciate the land. I came here from the midwest 20 years ago and bought 7 acres that were essentially dead from overuse of pesticides and herbicides. Today it is lush and healthy. And organic.
I'm grateful for the Times article so that now I know of the work you are doing.
Best wishes in restoring your garden.

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