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Min bestefar, Kaare Torp, tjenestegjorde på Uredd. Han ble ikke med ut den siste turen. Jeg tror at det fulgte ham resten av livet, en følelse på at han burde vært der. Han snakket dessverre svært lite om krigen, hvis du har noe informasjon om han må du gjerne sende det til meg. Jeg tror han var maskinist. Mvh Linda Svensen

NameJens Inge Egeland
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MessageTakker for en meger flott og informativ side. Respekt

NameDonald Ross
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MessageI am in possession of a Bergan Rucksack given to me by a family friend who was attached to Norwegian forces in Dundee during the war. The story goes that a Norwegian officer escaped from Norway with the rucksack and gave it to this lady.

I'm curious if there is any truth to the part of Norwegian officers escaping after occupation and if there may be other details of this era.

As a matter of interest I have had this rucksack since 1969 and traveled with it to Afghanistan, among other places in the early '70's. While it is far past it's prime and of no real use I cannot seem to discard it.

Kind regards

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Nameingar sletten kolloen
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MessageTakk for mye interessant stoff.

NameBob jacobs
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MessageHello, I had a very enjoyable flight with you from Copenhagen to Washington,DC at the end of June.i have deep admiration for the Norwegian Resistance fighters and hope to visit Norway in the near future. Thank you for telling me about this great website. I hope you enjoyed the competition in Fairfax and that Norway upheld its Viking traditions.

My Best

Bob Jacobs

NameSusan Adie
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MessageMy fathers name was William Adie, her served on the ULA and believe he was a sonar man. He passed away in February 2007. He had a hard time sharing any stories and well we know so little. I would be interested in learning more if there is anyway to do so. If you ever have a gathering of surviving family members I hope you will tell me about it. Thank you for posting anything!

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NameTrond Ramsøy
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MessageEi bra side mvh Trond Ramsøy

NameAngus MacDonald
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MessageUtskreven Kvartermester Fleten, Erling Ragnvald was my uncle by marriage ( Isobel MacDonald) . They were only married a matter of months when Erling was lost , my aunt never re-married .
As a child i can rememeber Erlings relations coming to Scotland visting my Aunt in Melness ( Kyle of Tongue).
Every year she would go to Norway to visit her inlaws who were more than kind to her, It was a great relief to her when Uredd was located and gave her pease of mind she also attended the service and threw a wreth where Uredd is today . I would like to hear from any of Erlings family members and would love to see some photos of him as there is only one in the family that has been copied many times throughout the years . Also has anyone got Photos of P41 Uredd. Kind Regards Angus

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