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NameMichael J. Mehlisch
Date25 June 2018
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MessageBorn and raised in In Iowa. Now living in Texas. Close to the Giddings and Serbin area but closer to

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Date16 June 2018
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Date23 December 2017
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Date15 November 2017
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MessageDear All,

I’m looking for family stories of ancestors of Sorbs worldwide. If you want to share your story short or long, does not matter, please contact me anytime: [email protected] Thank you very much!
Yours Tina

Private Message added 15 November 2017

NameWilliam Bradley Blondet
Date19 September 2017
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MessageJust a hello to all the Iowa Wendish. Martin Philip Halbasch Jr. was my 2nd Great Grandfather. One of his many daughters (Louisa Martha Halbasch) married a French farmer's son in Keokuk (Emil Peter Blondet).

Date20 July 2017
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Date26 June 2017
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