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Private Message added 18 June 2016

Private Message added 10 March 2016

Namemarilyn and Helmut Wokatsch
Date20 January 2016
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MessageMy husband has just been telling me about his ancestry and I am finding it fascinating .

NameDoris Kiesow Dunlap
Date17 January 2016
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MessageLooking for any info on the KIESOW family.

My father was born in 1895 near the Oder River. He immigrated to the US in the early 1920s.I was born in CA in 1957, my Father died in 1978.

Date2 January 2016
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MessageHi all,
Rather belatedly I have come upon this website and the message posted by Glenis Hickey Andersen in 2013. My Wendish ancestors also came to Australia from Werben. My great-great grandmother was Eliza Domaschenz, daughter of Christian Domaschenz. Coincidentally, one branch of her descendants, from Perth, have the surname Hickey.
Eliza married into the Kruse family, who were not Wendish, but came to Australia from a small German village called Sudfelde. In 2013 I did make a visit to Sudfelde, but have not been to Werben.


Private Message added 30 June 2015

NameSheryl Budarick
Date13 June 2015
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MessageMy father, Emerson Budarick is from Algonquin park Ontario Canada. I was born in Kamloops BC Canada. I knew there was not many of us, Budarick's and anyone that was, is a relative. My auntie Joan had a book written up on the history of our family, Joan still lives in Ontario, my dad's youngest sister.
From what I understood was my great grandfather brought his son , as stole always on a boat, to Canada. I don't really know how much is true. It is exciting to find out 1/2 of my heritage.
Thank you and do enjoy your day, Sheryl Budarick.

Date17 February 2015
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I may have spoken to you before. You visited my Cousin in Hungary. I think if this is the right website. Arpad Zsondy is my cousin in Rabatotfalla in Vas, Hungary. This is a Wendish community.

Do you remember?

William Sampar

NameEunice Hoogsteden
Date26 January 2015
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MessageMy Wendish connection is through my mother, her maiden name was Schemel and my father German, both are descendant from families who migrated to South Africa in the 1860s. My brother has done extensive work on our family tree already but it is always interesting to hear about other Wendish families. I would like to subscribe to Worldwide Wendish Connection.

NameBernard Frank Kaschula
Date5 January 2015
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MessageThank you for the write up on history of my for-fathers .
Kind Regards

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