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NameBethan Charles
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MessageWhat a fantastic resource. So much useful information and a model for record keeping. I have also laughed a lot on many pages. Even when you suffered many failures, you kept going. I think I read somewhere that you were learning Welsh, and the old Welsh proverb is apt here "Dyfal donc a dyr y garreg" - "Diligent chipping will break the stone". I'm not sure I can show such application. THANK YOU Bethan. I am glad it was of use. Yes, many failures are always the precursor to success. Never ever give in! Yes, dwi'n dysgu cymraeg.

Namecarol Colby
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MessageI am located outside of Baltimore, MD. I have several clematis growing that are transplants. I am going to try to grow some from seed. Good luck Carol, it's just persistence and you will derive immense pleasure when you see your first new flowers open. Don't give up.

NameJed Johnson
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MessageGood Morning
Wonderful site that certainly strengthens the belief beauty is the backbone of serious thought.
Thank You For this Valuable Work!

Namekaren,- minasyan
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MessageI would like seeds

NameJonathan Jones
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MessageCongrats on your very information-dense site. Have been gardening from seed for years but never clems. Largely as a result of your interweb encouragement I am giving it a bash. TANGUTICA seeds began to germinate in a few weeks, so far so good.I will harvest seeds from my existing clem plants later this year and see how I get on.

I have also benefited from your young plants cultivation tips for a few clem cuttings that have now been through their first year and looking nice and vigorous.

Top site, much respect!


NameAngela Redman
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MessageHello there, Angela from Stockport here. Just found your excellent site. I've got some Serratifolia growing from seed and they are now quite big. Can't bear the thought of pruning the little babies! We've got two very established Integrifolias that are in full bloom as we speak. My favourite plant in the garden.

Many thanks

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MessageGreetings Brian-

from Nancy in Michigan. Wondering how the texensis seeds are doing...

Seedling that you sent is flowering at last. Would love to send pix of this year's blooms.

Wonderful website!

NameSue Harrison
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MessageHi Brian just been on your site, absolutely brilliant, you really know what you are talking about. Very informative. How are you doing? What are you doing since the garden centre closed? When I used to look at all the clematis you had down there it got my taste buds going and still has.Hope you've managed to get another job, something you like and life is treating you okay. Best wishes, Sue

NameLynette Bacon
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MessageAs a Clematis lover, I really enjoy your website.
Thank you for sharing your knowledge and love of Clematis with others.
Love your .....thanks Lynette and I am really glad you like the site. Brian

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MessageThanks for a greatly informative site, lots of good information.
May I ask if you could advise me on sowing Napaulensis? I note that your germination list shows that you planted yours in September, should I hold off planting the seeds I have until then?
I have a unheated greenhouse I usually plant my other seeds in spring and a propagator and a sunny souther windowsill in the house for the seeds that need a bit of warmth to germinate.
Napaulensis is winter flowering so I was wondering if perhaps its normal germination cycle is different also?

Thanks ..............................napaulensis - its ok to plant anytime, the seedlings easily see a winter off, even if they germinate just before - - - sow them anytime in the year and you'll have no problems - the seedlings are quite hardy. A lovely clematis species, beautiful stamens.

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