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MessageThanks for a greatly informative site, lots of good information.
May I ask if you could advise me on sowing Napaulensis? I note that your germination list shows that you planted yours in September, should I hold off planting the seeds I have until then?
I have a unheated greenhouse I usually plant my other seeds in spring and a propagator and a sunny souther windowsill in the house for the seeds that need a bit of warmth to germinate.
Napaulensis is winter flowering so I was wondering if perhaps its normal germination cycle is different also?

Thanks ..............................napaulensis - its ok to plant anytime, the seedlings easily see a winter off, even if they germinate just before - - - sow them anytime in the year and you'll have no problems - the seedlings are quite hardy. A lovely clematis species, beautiful stamens.

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MessageThank you so much for putting your experience on this website. I discovered it after sowing some seeds of LFH 'Fujimusume' in April 2011. These were left in a north facing position outside and the first seedling appeared in December 2011, with the rest following in spring 2012. I have kept two plants and given the rest away due to lack of space.
I still refer to your site for cultural tips and am eagerly awaiting my first flower!
Many thanks, Anna

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MessageI have seeds from beside Smith Lake in NW AL, USA. I believe they are C. reticulata or common name Leather flower.

I have tried before but now I feel like I know what I am doing.

Thanks so much for your information and sharing your ------------------------------------------That's extremely interesting; they may be reticulata but they could well be something else. It would be really interesting to see the results of germination or have photos of the plants that the seeds came from, but even then, ID would not be completely straightforward. I will email you!

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MessageI just wanted to say, love your site and thank you so much for sharing your wealth of information! I am a clematis junkie - can't get enough of these beauties and with help from your site I am going to try growing my own. I've always heard it's impossible to do but you have proven otherwise! Thanks for all the inspiration with your gorgeous photos and easy to understand instructions. With a lot of patience and a little bit of luck I'll be well on my way to ........................Hiya Nancy, I have no doubt that you will succeed, so long as you remain determined, so all I can say is - I look forward to you sending some pics in due course!! Take a look at the BCS Facebook page, too. Brian. Ahh - I see now that you already have!!!

Namecathy crawford
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MessageI've been planting clematis seeds for three years now but so far, no germination. I've tried putting them in the refridgerator over the winter and actually planting them in the fall so they receive the freezing/thawing effect. I'm in zone 5.

I'll keep trying. I'd appreciate any ................Hi Cathy why don't you email me and I will put you in touch with some American friends and they will give you lots of help. Or email me.

NameMike Casanova
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Just arrived back in UK from US. I was away for 3 years and lost some of my nice clematis while away. I am going to try and grow some from seed using the book I bought from you. I also had bought some lovely ones from you and i was wondering if you are still selling any texensis or viorna ..........Sorry Mike, don't have any seedlings available just at present, but sure you will do well raising them.

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MessageDear Mr. Collingwood, your work about clematis - sharing your experience, so generously, and helping and supporting newcomers, like me,into the beautiful world of clematis growing, cultivation and hybridization is priceless.

Thank you so much, and best wishes!

Miglena Filipova

NameAvril Johnson
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Messagelove your lovey pictures of clematis Brian,lots of love Avril

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MessageThank you for the information. Love clematis; they grow very well in my area but different species are difficult to come by so I want to try growing plants from seed. Thanks! - ---- - -- Tina Turner!! Let me know if you want to obtain any particular seed....bc

NameBetsy - Piksi_hk (GW)
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MessageBrian, thanks for reminding me about your wonderful, informative site. I had it bookmarked already; and now that I have seedlings to baby, your info is tremendous help.

The crispa seedlings that died was due to my impatience. Now I know to "wait" till they get more established.

The Nelly Moser seedlings are just up and some still have their seed coat.

Thanks again for your fabulous site.

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