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MessageI live in Michigan, but remember that my two great aunts had clematis texensis growing on trellis by their front porch. I would like to start one for myself. Are seeds available? or try

NameJoan Smith
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Messagei read your article and love it so much

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MessageReally enjoyed browsing your site. I know I will be returning for tips and hints on growing from seed. I agree about your suggestions about joining a Clematis society - just had a preview (at Val's) of the British Clematis Society 2010 journal (that you edit) - what a wonderful edition. I am looking forward to reading my copy - worth the membership fee just for the journal. ----------Crumbs, really nice of you to say that Julian. Thanks a lot. You won't have to wait long, this year's edition should be in the post today and tomorrow. Brian C.

NameFred Smith
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MessageGreat work.Really appreciable!!!!!!!!!!!!!Thanks a lot.

NameBronwen Milford
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MessageI would like to thank you for the very helpful information set out in this site. I appreciate all the hard work that has evidently gone in to accurately noting all these particulars. I have been saving seed from LFHs because I am eager, for the sheer fun of it, to produce an interesting sport of some kind. I have also cross pollinated a few of my Clematis, but wasn't really sure how to try to germinate them. Thanks to your documented experience, I am in a much better position to succeed, and I can't wait to get started! Thank you so much, and well done.-----------------------Your'e welcome Bronwen

NameBrian Matsell
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MessageWhat a brilliant site, you deserve a knighthood. I am inspired and intend to develop my Clematis seed germination and propagation as far as possible.

Your resource and very obvious detailed research is very much appreciated.

Many thanks.

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MessageVery interesting read. I have always liked Clematis and grown a few in the garden over the years. I have a Jackmanii that is special to me and over 25 years old having moved house with me several times. I have recently bought half a dozen large flowered types from Morrisons which are very reasonably prices at £1.79 at the moment. I think you have inspired me to have a go at hybridising some using your techniques. Regards,

Namekerry cooper
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Messagethanks for lots of info :) my little girl and I got 2 packets of seeds free with purchase so we planted them, and after 5 weeks or so we have 2 tiny seedlings, hopefully they will eventually help grow into pretty plants and I will keep the pots with the no show seeds just incase they sprout some day xx _________________Hi Kerry, I am sure you will get good plants in due course as long as you give them a bit of tlc! BC

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MessageThank you so much for this amazing website,It gives hope to this complete amateur ________________Hi Minty, just follow the relevant sections and you'll soon have new flowers! BC

Namesusan kennedy
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Messagefirst year to try clematis from seeds. your pictures are beautiful, you must be proud. wish me luck.__________Hi Susan, I am sure you will succeed if you give the seedlings plenty of attention and keep them in good condition! BC

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