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Private Message added 2011-02-26

NameJane Butovich
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MessageMy mother, Emily Louise Rutledge, left Gadsden around the time of WWII after marrying my father. She had often mentioned the Agricola Family, esp Hugh, Bourbon and Constance. Can anyone tell me about these folks?


NameKenneth D. Ragan
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MessageI am researching The Ragan's of Alabama, There was a Herman Hurbert Ragan that was a conductor on a electric trolly in 1918 in Gadsden and we would like any info you may have. Just a note he died in 1920 at the age of 20 from the Spanish flue.

Ken Ragan

NameLinda Waddell
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Messagemy husband is the son of Louis WADDELL, who we believe is a distant relative of Jerry B . Jones.

NameBilly Edward Settle
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MessageMy great great grandfather....Wm. henry Forrest, born abt. 1837, McNair County TN.
In the 1850 Census, Father, Washington thomas Forrest, borm July 14 1815, TN. and son's Wm Henry, John D. Forrest were in Tishomingo, Miss.
they later moved to AR., Izard County.
I have never established a relationship between they and Nathan bedford Forrest even though they were from Tn. and Ms.
That..I'm sorry to say !
Bill Settle

Private Message added 2010-11-14

NameJerry D. Goings
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MessageI am searching for my relationship to Nathan Bedford Forrest.

NameThomas F Daley
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I recently obtained a book titled "Notes of a Private" by John Milton Hubbard, published in 1909. He was a member of the 7th Tennessee Regiment, Forrest's Cavalry Corps. In his book he describes an incident at Oxford, MI during December 1862 when the 7th Regiment was forced from the town of Oxford, MI by Union forces. As the regiment fled the town Taylor Cook, who was apparently standing on the verandah of a cottage south of the courthouse railed at the fleeing troops that they were cowards for leaving and handing the town over to the federals. This was before she had married William M Forrest, Nathan Bedford Forrest's son. As recorded in the book she was the only woman who had spirit enough to try and chastise the troops to keep them from fleeing where the other woman appeared to all be weeping in fear. As someone who has read a bit about Forrest I was taken by the idea that this 15 year old girl had the temerity to do what she did, and it seems appropriate that she married into the Forrest family. I would like to know if you have any more information on her.


NameDr. A. Jeter
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MessageSee the Lost Family Heirloom of Nathan Bedford Forrest and Mary Ann Montgomery Forrest BROOCH est. 165 years, in good condition. The BROOCH 14K gold circa contains a young picture of Nathan bedford Forrest and Mary Ann with the same brooch on her choker and a gold necklace. I believe this is a wedding gift. I have not been able to find another likeness. Lost Family Heirloom of Nathan Brdford Forrest Brooch Discovered. Check your e-mail.

NameBetty McCoy
MessageMay the Society grow even more than it has. The future builds on the past.

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