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Messageyou are a crackpot winston woo-woo

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MessageI have seen ufo:s and strange things thru my life
One is men in black.
I saw one of those first time 11 years old he was standing outside my house and looked at several light orbs that went in fast speed on the road in front of him.
He was wearing a black trenchcoat with the collar up over his face and a black hat pulled down over his face.

I got a little afraide so I ran and fetched my brother so he could see, but then he was gone it was an autumn evening around 23:00 pm.
He appeard again when i was 14 yers old, watching me from a distance i was with friends it was in middle of the day in a town called Sundsvall, he walked on the other side of the street and watched me.

And last time i was 16 years old in middle of the night summernight, i saw him he was a hundred meters away, walking towards me, I got an uneasy feeling that made me ran onto a courtyard where a friend lived, I stayed with them the rest of the night.

My friend and I had been at a dance.
I had two kilometers to walk home.

Now, a few years ago, I have seen two new observer, I felt the same feeling that they are not people like us and they do not look like any agent, but dressed like us.
One was a man the second time i few years after the man was a woman.

I have never used drugs, do not know how the stuff looks even.
Im a mother of three sons

Im sorry to say that you are very wrong in the way you think about things.

But it is understandable.

/ Greetings kicki

MessageAs much as I appreciated your debunk of the LOA, your trope of the "fat, ugly" woman vs the "skinny, hot" woman suggests you could do with some study on gender issues. The current standards of "thin = attractive" are not global in scope or in history. Lillian Russell was Miss America at 200 pounds. Adele is gorgeous, talented, successful and yes, attractive. Plus size models are even making it into Playboy ads now. Using a non-universal standard of "attraction" for women as though it is gospel is just as misinformed as saying the Law of Attraction always works. Food for thought.

MessageThank you for your article "Attitude Fanaticism – A New Wave of American Delusion".
As recent victim of an "Attitude Fanatic" I was quite enraged, but your article made me feel much better. Funny how the mask comes off these people when they don't get their way and accuse everyone else of being "negative". From now on, when a person has to tell me that they are positive, I'm considering it a red flag.

NameGil Torres
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MessageDebunking Christian Circular Arguments and Assumptions @


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I just read your post 'Debunking the Law of Attraction and "Thoughts Create Reality" Religion'

It was an interesting read. I recently turned to to the originators of the 'new thought' movement one of my favourites being Horatio Dresser and currently I'm reading Joseph Murphy alongside James Allen. Whilst your post was really insightful i couldn't help but wonder If you have read or heard of 'The Kyballion'? I ask because 'The law of paradox' comes to mind when you speak of limits to the 'LOA'.
It would be great to start a conversation; is this something that can be done on your forum?

Kind regards



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MessageHello. And Bye.

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