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MessageI stopped reading your article on the law of attraction the moment you mentioned that it creates a "victim-blaming" society. From that ridiculous comment I knew right from the start that you were just another wack job spouting off negativity to sway uneducated people into your own negative reality. If you knew the first thing about that which you speak of, you would know that utilizing this law CORRECTLY will create the opposite. When incorporating sujective reality one realizes that everything good or bad is actually their own fault. Everything you see happeing to others is not a result of their own intentions, but your own. You create this negativity. Everyone does. In order to properly subscribe to the collective consciousness theory you have got to understand that what others are experiencing, if it affects you whether it be because you have emotion directly involved in the incident or you are the one experiencing it, we are all a part of it. Everyone in your world is what you perceive them to be. Feeling love for those who you feel need ot most or feeling gratitude for what you enjoy in your life will never give you negative results. At the end you asked a bunch of ridiculous questions. That is proof positive that you simply DON'T KNOW what you are talking about. Questions that you don't know the snswer to are a far cry from an assurance that a system is flawed or untrue. I suggest you dig a little deeper before you decide to get on your computer and type your nonsense.

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MessageYou are 80% accurate in what you say...and it needs saying. However, the site would have more balance if it noted that out-of-step ("loser"smilie women in the US also have a brutal time in the dating scene. Worse, they're often also exploited physically (I think lots of these women would LOVE better fishing waters abroad!).

Also, I get(and like) that you're un-PC, but you should cut the snide references to different ethnic groups. You state you don't believe in being prejudiced, but then you extol a fan letter calling Chinese, Jews, British, and Japanese "cheap." Seriously? 1.5 billion cheap Chinese? This kind of stuff really undermines your credibility as someone offering thoughtful social critique. smilie

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MessageThis was a very insightful article.. I shared it on my Facebook page. I'm sure my nice but devout Christian friends will cry blasphemy smilie
With all this information out there, why..is Christianity still so popular?

NameDonna Cooper
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MessageSears extended appliance warranty is a big waste of $. I will never make a purchase from Sears again!

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MessageChristianity's Irresolvable Problems, Circular Reasoning and Lack of Foundational Basis

Thanks for the great article. Gave me some new arguments against fundamentalistic justifications smilie
Btw: Google made me laugh as it showed me a "Follow Jesus" ad at the bottom of the page smilie

NameStephen Hindes
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MessageHello,I have been a "so called Christian"since I was 19 yrs old.And when I prayed the prayer it dawned on me that the " so called word of God" had been in the hands of men long enough to be Corrupted! Then years later I found out that the Roman Catholic church plans things 500 Yes 500 years into the future!So go figure that one? Lol.And! They destroyed Alexandria Egypt,after the Roman army took the apostles writings,which that place you could have called a University of knowledge.All a person needed to do was learn to read & write in there home country,go to Alexandria and learn
from other places in the world.

NameLarry Gardner
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MessageGreat stuff! Love it! You're like a real savior; I am in the midst of a Pentecostal crazy family. Thanks.

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Messageyou are a crackpot winston woo-woo

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MessageI have seen ufo:s and strange things thru my life
One is men in black.
I saw one of those first time 11 years old he was standing outside my house and looked at several light orbs that went in fast speed on the road in front of him.
He was wearing a black trenchcoat with the collar up over his face and a black hat pulled down over his face.

I got a little afraide so I ran and fetched my brother so he could see, but then he was gone it was an autumn evening around 23:00 pm.
He appeard again when i was 14 yers old, watching me from a distance i was with friends it was in middle of the day in a town called Sundsvall, he walked on the other side of the street and watched me.

And last time i was 16 years old in middle of the night summernight, i saw him he was a hundred meters away, walking towards me, I got an uneasy feeling that made me ran onto a courtyard where a friend lived, I stayed with them the rest of the night.

My friend and I had been at a dance.
I had two kilometers to walk home.

Now, a few years ago, I have seen two new observer, I felt the same feeling that they are not people like us and they do not look like any agent, but dressed like us.
One was a man the second time i few years after the man was a woman.

I have never used drugs, do not know how the stuff looks even.
Im a mother of three sons

Im sorry to say that you are very wrong in the way you think about things.

But it is understandable.

/ Greetings kicki

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