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MessageYour article on MLMs got shared on Reddit on the antiMLM forum. Its great!

NameShana Smith
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MessageAs a Christian for almost 17 years I would like to sincerely thank u for your article on debunking the infallibility of The Bible. Really! Understand that not all Christians believe the same. Anyone who is honest with themselves and not just trying to defend the bible will admit it is not "infallible". There are clear instances of contradiction of scriptures. You can be a Christian without a Bible. The first Christans did not have one. But they had an actual encounter with the one true God and wrote about it. How do I know? Because I have had an encounter with the same one true living God and He is the same as described in the Bible. There are Bible worshippers and Jesus worshipers.Do not get the two confused. Do I read the Bible? Yes.Do I obey the BIBLE? No.I obey my God as He brings conviction to my Spirit (and the two usually line up). This is what Jesus called worshiping God in Spirit and in Truth. The bible is a compilation of manuscripts written by men who had a relationship with the living God. And there is much wisdom in their words because they knew Him. In this way is the bible inspired, NOT that God dictated to them what to write. The gospels were passed down through word of mouth long before they were written. Blind faith in a dead book is not at all what God wants for people. Nor does it save. He wants a real RELATIONSHIP WITH A LIVING GOD for them and He will lead us into all truth. Don't believe blindly, humbly ask God to reveal himself to you. He will.

MessageLove your post on LOA
Best regard,
ron from subliminalbooster.com

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MessageI love your site! You are the best I have ever encountered at debunking the claims of Christianity and I had always thought I was the best! I cannot wait to read more of your views on all things spiritual!

MessageI read in your article on the Olam Ha-Ba that there will no longer be a need for sacrifices except for Thanksgiving offerings. Ezekiel 45:17-25 speaks about the sacrifices that the prince will be responsible for in the third Beit HaMikdash. One of those that he will be responsible for is the sin sacrifice. Is this not the time of Moshiach ruling?

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NameA Believer
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MessageI think I've just found my new Bible.

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Messagei think the social aspect has as much to do with if not more so than actual belief as to why so many remain involved with/in evangelical christianity, or any religion for that matter. most people are followers to whatever they percieve to be acceptable, beneficial and powerful. i honestly think it comes down to people wanting to remain conected to their cultural tradtions,their family and ancestors or be accepted by peers who for whatever reason they seek to be accepted and respected by. this even counts toward many so called atheists. many of these people especially the younger ones take on their atheism with a religious fervor that older more settled in religions lost centuries ago. and white people in general almost always want to be percieved as doing something worthwhile, something respectful to whatever peer group theyve deemed worthy, popular ... powerful in their own lil corners of the world in their day to day interactions. the few people who truly do not buy into or jump on bandwagons of beliefs or causes, or join parties, congrgations or groups no matter what they may be nor care about being accepted or respected by the plethora of societal clicks will be avoided by everyone and treated as lepers and weirdos. theyll be looked upon with suspicion. the masses will all join together in fearing and hating these outsiders. humans are social creatures though so tribes, clans, groups are natural. i can respect a true believer but not a follower. smilie

MessageI stopped reading your article on the law of attraction the moment you mentioned that it creates a "victim-blaming" society. From that ridiculous comment I knew right from the start that you were just another wack job spouting off negativity to sway uneducated people into your own negative reality. If you knew the first thing about that which you speak of, you would know that utilizing this law CORRECTLY will create the opposite. When incorporating sujective reality one realizes that everything good or bad is actually their own fault. Everything you see happeing to others is not a result of their own intentions, but your own. You create this negativity. Everyone does. In order to properly subscribe to the collective consciousness theory you have got to understand that what others are experiencing, if it affects you whether it be because you have emotion directly involved in the incident or you are the one experiencing it, we are all a part of it. Everyone in your world is what you perceive them to be. Feeling love for those who you feel need ot most or feeling gratitude for what you enjoy in your life will never give you negative results. At the end you asked a bunch of ridiculous questions. That is proof positive that you simply DON'T KNOW what you are talking about. Questions that you don't know the snswer to are a far cry from an assurance that a system is flawed or untrue. I suggest you dig a little deeper before you decide to get on your computer and type your nonsense.

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