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Private Message added Tue, Oct-04-2011

DateSat, Aug-27-2011
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MessageLovely blog ! congratulations !

DateThu, Jun-30-2011
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MessageI received a couple of pens by a friend wife of my husbands. Just as she pulled one of a brand new packet she said, "I love these pens". Then she gave me one. I immediately wrote on a piece of paper and I have never looked back. I love your web page. I love pens too, I can't help my self, he,he,he! Where can I get more? June,30,11

DateFri, Jun-10-2011
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MessageThanks for the info on Magna Tank pens. They're my favorite. Couldn't remember where I bought them. Now I know!!!!!!!!!!

DateTue, Jun-07-2011
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MessageThanks for the information about Zebra pens! I like your style of writing! Keep up the great work!

DateFri, Mar-04-2011
Messagethe 99 cents store in my area has a lot of magnatanks, 2 for a dollar, however, the second pen had no ink cartridge.

Private Message added Sun, Feb-20-2011

DateFri, Jan-28-2011
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MessageJust stumbled onto your site and I love it! It's nice to know that there's other pen freaks out there--I thought it was just me! I too am in such of the elusive Magna Tank Gel Pen and I will not rest till I find them--of course, a little help would always be appreciated! I'm off to do some more footwork and I'll be checking in to see if anyone comes up with a lead...kudos to ya!! smilie

DateWed, Sep-22-2010
MessageHi John. If you're an old geezer then I guess I'm an old geeza! And I'm known by all who know me as THE PEN QUEEN. I used to purchase every new and interesting pen I saw UNTIL I ran into the Magna Tanks by Inc. WOW!! I am in a panic though because I cannot find them anywhere! I live out in the country and the nearest Walmart is an hour away. I was there last week and they didn't even have an empty hanger where the Magna Tanks should have been. No refills either. I have searched the internet and cannot find them online. When this last one goes dry heads are gonna roll. If you know of any way to get more pens or refills please email me. Thanks!

NameJillian Seib
DateThu, Jul-15-2010
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MessageI was googling to find a refill for the magna tank, but unfortunately couldn't find one. thanks for all the posts, it helps1

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