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DateThu, Oct-08-2015
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MessageCan you tell me what the numbers above the clip of the alvin draft/matic 0.3mm pencil

NameJeffrey Wu
DateSat, Aug-29-2015
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MessageI like your blog a lot and I myself is also an aspiring pencil reviewer! My channel name is PencilUtensil

NameDavid Z
DateThu, May-14-2015
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MessageI have a .9mm Alvin Draft Matic Works perfect...until i ran out of lead.

I have added .9mm lead refills (3" length refills) to the tube feeding through the eraser area-but the leads do not work.

How do you replace the lead? Am I using the wrong length refills?? I can not get the lead to go into place.

Please help -if you can instruct me how to replace these leads.


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DateSat, Jan-17-2015
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MessageAll those beautiful pens and pencils. But what does someone do when arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome or other medical condition makes holding and using a pen or pencil difficult. I found a gripper called the Ring Pen Ultra. It is an ergonomic device that holds a pen or pencil of your choice and makes writing easier and less painful. I found mine at Now I can once again use my favorite fountain pen.

NameHooked on Mechanical pencils
DateTue, Jun-17-2014
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I have been a lover of mechanical pencils for at least 40 years. During the past 20 years I have not seen a pencil with a pusher included (they used to be stuck in the eraser.)

Do any pencils come with a pusher? If so, which ones?

NameElizabeth Carver
DateFri, Mar-29-2013
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MessageHello there, this is Elizabeth with village thrift Emporium you stopped in a few weeks ago you said you collected chest sets, I have 2 of them 1 is small and made of plastic in a box & the other is large with no board and I think it is ceramic if you would like to come make me an offer you are welcome to. I just started checking out your site it is pretty cool I have recently dealt with national Penn company and their customer service has not been that helpful or nice. Stop in or give me a call my # is 321- 917- 4015
hope to see you soon, Elizabeth Carver
Village Thrift Emporium
3475 N. U.S. 1, Unit 3 Cocoa FL. 32926 smilie

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DateTue, Jan-29-2013
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MessageThanks so much for the wonderful information on Staedtler maxum gel pens. I make Iris Folded cards and was recommended using the maxum gel pens by a friend and have not been able to find the pens locally so decided to research online. Since reading your information, I MUST find some.
Great blog!

DateMon, Dec-17-2012
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MessageI went looking for where to buy Staedtler liquid point online and came across your blog. Glad to know there's a whole world of pen freaks out there. The older I get (I'm an apprentice geezlette) the fussier I am about the pens I use and I know I'll enjoy following your blog for all the goodies I might otherwise miss.

Thanks and Happy Holidays from SoCal.

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