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DateSat, Jan-17-2015
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MessageAll those beautiful pens and pencils. But what does someone do when arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome or other medical condition makes holding and using a pen or pencil difficult. I found a gripper called the Ring Pen Ultra. It is an ergonomic device that holds a pen or pencil of your choice and makes writing easier and less painful. I found mine at Now I can once again use my favorite fountain pen.

NameHooked on Mechanical pencils
DateTue, Jun-17-2014
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I have been a lover of mechanical pencils for at least 40 years. During the past 20 years I have not seen a pencil with a pusher included (they used to be stuck in the eraser.)

Do any pencils come with a pusher? If so, which ones?

NameElizabeth Carver
DateFri, Mar-29-2013
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MessageHello there, this is Elizabeth with village thrift Emporium you stopped in a few weeks ago you said you collected chest sets, I have 2 of them 1 is small and made of plastic in a box & the other is large with no board and I think it is ceramic if you would like to come make me an offer you are welcome to. I just started checking out your site it is pretty cool I have recently dealt with national Penn company and their customer service has not been that helpful or nice. Stop in or give me a call my # is 321- 917- 4015
hope to see you soon, Elizabeth Carver
Village Thrift Emporium
3475 N. U.S. 1, Unit 3 Cocoa FL. 32926 smilie

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DateTue, Jan-29-2013
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MessageThanks so much for the wonderful information on Staedtler maxum gel pens. I make Iris Folded cards and was recommended using the maxum gel pens by a friend and have not been able to find the pens locally so decided to research online. Since reading your information, I MUST find some.
Great blog!

DateMon, Dec-17-2012
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MessageI went looking for where to buy Staedtler liquid point online and came across your blog. Glad to know there's a whole world of pen freaks out there. The older I get (I'm an apprentice geezlette) the fussier I am about the pens I use and I know I'll enjoy following your blog for all the goodies I might otherwise miss.

Thanks and Happy Holidays from SoCal.

NameRoy Lagemann
DateMon, Nov-12-2012
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MessageThanks, Old Geezer!

You helped a complete stranger pass an enjoyable evening basking in the memories of "pencils I have known and loved" and prompted me to buy a variety of Pentel P200 series pencils and a variety of leads -- just for fun! Naturally, I stocked my sons' pencil boxes immediately so they can share the joy!

Warm wishes from California!


DateSun, Nov-11-2012
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MessageFound this blog by accident researching how to disassemble a Uni SHIFT, wonderful blog, always great to see fellow writing instrument enthusiasts! Keep up the great work smilie

NameMelissa Kay
DateThu, Sep-27-2012
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MessageNeat, I can sign this guest book without a pen! One day ink-pens will be obsolete & considered very rare; kinda like the ole' 35mm film. It seams less and less people get pictures developed, these days. I'm fortunate to be alive in the pen age. I've collected pens for many years, all types, and for some strange reason I started listing them on eBay, seller name is 10rummy (my boyfriends user name). Just think how valuable these pens will be after I become a best-selling author. smilie just kidding, I don't even write books! I write movies ... screenplays .... scripts. smilie I've decide to settle for just a few MontBlancs instead of 100 Cross Parker Sheaffer Pilot Pelican Waterman etc etc. MB are the Rolls Royce of pens, everything about them is top of line and worth the price. I had a Porsche pen once, (not like the one you want), somebody stole it just cuz of the name. PPPfffff. Well take care, I really like this site and appreciate you sharing your ideas and thoughts with people like me. See ya! MK

DateFri, Nov-11-2011
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MessageVERY Informative for a pen/pencil freak like me! Thank you very much!

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