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DateSun, May-31-2009
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MessageHey Gunman. I just wanted to say I love reading your blog! smilie

DateWed, May-06-2009
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MessageHi!! Love ur site!! Please include the Pilot G-6 .07!! It's an almost perfect gel pen!! Thanks!! God Bless!!

NameMark-Allen D Sandoval
DateMon, Apr-20-2009
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MessageHello from Southern California!
I just happened to come across your website looking around the internet for my perennial favorite the UniBall Vision Elite medium point. A pen I enjoy sharing with others. Black, blue and red used here. People seem to have a distinct preference to the blue or to the black, stating that one or the other flows to paper better. I personally like them all. Additionally I also enjoy using the Stibilo Sensor medium 0.7 pens with multi-colors to choose from including black, blue, red, green, pink and purple. I tend to put a lot of downward force on a writing implement so I prefer medium points, as fine or micro points tear paper as I write. Lastly, my penmanship is not that great so I type really fast!

Cheers! And, thanks for the interesting web site into the insight of other writers.

NameGreg Duncan
DateMon, Mar-23-2009
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MessageI enjoyed visiting your site. If you haven't already, try the uni-ball Vision Elite micro; it's probably the best roller pen you could find. And since you're a fan of fine line, sample my newest toy - the Zebra F 701. It is simply the best fineline ballpoint in the history of the universe.

DateFri, Mar-20-2009
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MessageSorry, but I think my e-mail address wasn't right the first time.

DateFri, Mar-06-2009
MessageHello I just happened upon this site and found it both very informative and highly amusing that someone would be so devoted to lead pencils. i just got my first nice one in ages after starting up a new graduate program and they are so nice for doing sheets and sheets of equations! i also do crosswords and just bought a great pencil and i love how it writes upside down rather than a pen.

DateSat, Feb-14-2009
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MessageI am enjoying your site very much. Fun to read your in-depth reflections on things all of us pen lovers think about.

I, too, picked up some of those Pilot drawing pens from JetPens, and, if you liked those, you might want to get a hold of some Staedtler Lumocolor Permanent Specials. I use them at work (optics), and have found them to be great on paper, too. They aren't made for heavy use, but they make a nice line and are just a titch different than the regular Lumocolors, and in our world, a titch is sometimes all the difference.

Best to you!

NameBill Edwards
DateWed, Jan-21-2009
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MessageStill trying to figure out your site. I am looking for a wide pen that writes smoothly (I therefore do not usually like fine points)and doesn't drop ink clots. Nothing fancy or expensive. I am generally happy with Cross.

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