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NameKeelie Everitt
DateFri, Feb-22-2019
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MessageHey! I love your pens and pencils. You seem like an awesome old geezer. When I found your website, I couldn't stop smiling. Thanks for existing. smilie

NameTan Shu Hwa
DateMon, Apr-30-2018
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MessageDear Sir,
Glad I found your website. Enjoy reading your meticulous and world-class reviews of one of my favourite weapons: pencils and mechanical pencils.
Pencils have that magical effect of transportting me back to the younger and simpler days. smilie smilie

DateSat, Apr-21-2018
MessageHello People smilie

DateSun, Oct-08-2017
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MessageI stumbled upon your blog during my efforts to fix my dad's old Koh-i-Noor mechanical pencil, and pleasantly found far more than what I was asking for. Not only did I learn that the bit of wire sticking out of the eraser actually has a purpose, but also that pencil lead can smell like lavender! I also enjoyed your bit of content on Microns (one of my favorite drawing utensils). I'm looking forward to reading through your other posts and to clicking on as many ads as possible.

Hope you are doing well smilie

DateFri, Jun-23-2017
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MessageI hope this finds you well. Thank you for your efforts in reviewing this vast collection of mechanical pencils. I find your reviews extremely thorough and a pleasure to read. I used to prefer a .3mm myself back when I was doing board drafting, but these days I'm more fond of my .5mm Kuru Toga Roulette and .5mm Graphgear 1000. Best wishes to you.

DateWed, May-03-2017
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MessageDear Sır ,I am a teacher in Turkey.When I was a student, I used the "Berol Eagle 226"sythetic pencil which is your product.Now,unfortunately I can not find this pencil collection but I can not find the pencil that I used in the past.I would be happy if you help me how to get this pencil.I would be so happy if I get get even one.Thank you for your concern

DateFri, Apr-21-2017
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MessageHello Old Geezer,

I just came upon your pens and pencils blog, and I am hoping to hear that things are going better for you and your wife these days.

Wishing you well from Vermont,


Private Message added Mon, Oct-10-2016

DateSat, Apr-09-2016
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MessageHello there, I hope everything is alright with you + your wife. I enjoy your blog; it's so useful and easy to read, and your reviews convinced me to purchase a Platinum Pro-Use II. I'm definitely enjoying its perfect balance and diameter, but I inserted some paper in the body to stop the mechanism from rattling (seems to be a complaint for many people). I will continue to read your blog; once again, I wish you well.

DateSat, Dec-26-2015
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MessageI suppose after all these time you have found all you could. I can see that you have all the best out there pencilwise. Many of those are not around anymore.
Fun read for me even though there is no hope I can ever find those pencils. I do have a few that I enjoy using. Advance in lead tech has enable them graphite to be laid on paper so smooth they are almost fountainpenlike.

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