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Messagesaw you and proclaimers in princess charlotte in leiceater, still the best gig of my lie.
then l think a gig in nottingham benefit for something, where l made a rite eejit of myself talking to yous when drunk.
fantastic to see you back the first album l loved, will look up the new one cheers from ireland

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MessageHei Depressing klooper appropriate as my english jer, buti inquire charming re recommend .

Private Message added 2009-10-04

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MessageI saw you at the Milton Keyns festival of youth,
I still have the program as well.
I have checked the internet every now and then to see if anything new was being released so I'm glad to see a new Album out.

Private Message added 2009-08-13

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MessageHoly shit. I saw you girls at the refectory Leeds Uni in 1988/89 with Brucey Foxton. Sad to say I thought you were both gorgeous and stalked the one who worked in the shop in the Victoria Arcade for a week or two.

Good to see you're both still going...x

NameJon Griffin
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MessageHi Debi & Mandi

I remember going to a gig of yours at newport leisure centre, knowing the photographer & you letting me & a mate in the green room for a can of lager!Wow care-free, good days.

Great to see you're still around; still love lazy leeds afternoons.

xxjon smilie

NameAndrew M
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MessageI remember seeing you supporting the Proclamers in the Usher Hall (I think) in Edinburgh in the 80's. First time I'd ever heard or seen you.......Awesome. Bought Road to Roundhay Peir. Found you on Sportify and listening to Tell Me How Long The Boat Has Gone....First impressions.......a damn fine album.

NameJeffrey Roycroft
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MessageI've set up a Rhythm Sisters appreciation society on Facebook. We really should spread the word of Mandi & Debbie's raw talent.

Private Message added 2008-12-30

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