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MessageA recent house clean up brought me to my tape collection from the 90's, most of which were headed for the local charity shop, the only one I couldn't throw away was Road to roundhay pier, mainly because 'I'll never find this anywhere again'

That piqued my interest to see if I could find anything online about you , and I was amazed to find my way here!, even more amazed to see a new album out as well!!

I downloaded Roudhay pier off Napster last night, took me right back to '87, it must be about the first time I've heard it in 15 years or so, I may have kept the tape but haven't had anything to play it on in years smilie

Shall be heading off to Amazon next to see if I can pick up the new disc.

Thanks for suprising me after all these years smilie

NameJim F
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MessageJust playing "Road To Roundhay Pier" last night and thought I would check out what you were up to. Really pleased to see your recording again - possibly some live shows?

NameJeff Roycroft
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MessageAmerican Boys. Utter genius. Congratulations.

Private Message added 2008-07-30

NameIan simpson
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MessageI want to see you live, are there any plans.

Not that it's any business of yours but I had sex in a Mini with my now wife to the 1st album on cassette.

Where can I get the 1st album on cd.

Namesteve harris
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Messagei remember a gig at southampton's labour club great days

Namelee mcgrath
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Messagehi,i remember buying a charity album you did,i think the song you performed was called tears won,t damn your eyes.do you know where i can get a copy,and also a copy of willerby which i have just read about,,,,cheers leeds girls...me from leeds too,,,,,,39 years old today,,bye great singing

Private Message added 2008-05-18

NameDanny Thompson
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MessageMy vinyl copy of Road To Roundhay Pier is a treasured possession from my time as a West Yorkshire teenager in the late 80s - introduced to it by Bill. I've been listening to it for two decades and it sounds as fresh as the first time I heard it. I love it.

Dead excited to find your site and read about the new album - downloading from iTunes as I type this!


NameElla Byford
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MessageI am your biggest fan!
See you at the Plaza in July!
Ella x smilie

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