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Name Steve Diaz
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MessageOMG, do you see whats happening in Syria? In spite of a brutal government crackdown, the manifestations continue

Namedanny glorieux
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MessageHi Mandi/Debi,

I hope the both of you are well. I really miss the band. It was a huge part of my life. I still remember that gig in Reading on my birthday. It was the day before you played the Electric Ballroom in Camden. That was the night you played an electric set and told me that Bruce Foxton was going to playing in the band. I thought you were winding me up!!!!!
I'd like to get back in touch with you both and find out the latest news. Any chance you could drop me an e-mail???

Take care. Lots of Love Danny xxxxxx

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MessageWow, just stumbled accross this site, was having a moment of nostalgia, doubt you remember but first saw you when you played Salisbury arts centre , me and my mates loved it and you let us come back stage for a chat, after that we kinda followed you around, going to see you in Leeds, Rochdale, Northampton,Brunel univesity and a few other places I can no longer remember, great fun and you were all really lovely and put up with our drunkeness.
Road to Roundhat pier was and still is a top album, so thankyou for the music and fun.... cheers

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I bought some random records today in a little second hand place and amongst them was a white label copy of your album Willerby (IMAGINARY027) - listening to it now, it's not bad, but I saw on your page you say that it's unique and very rare, just wondered why that was?



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Messagesaw you in Aberdeen, late 80s, just before the Hothouse Flowers.
had already got a ticket to see you but, soon after they'd effectively won the eurovision, they were added and ended up playing after you

NameAlyson C
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MessageHiya Guys smilie
I am so pleased I found this site smilie I came to see you in the Riverside suite in my home town Newport South Wales back in the late 80's and I didn't realize u were still going ! I loved 'Road To Roundhay Pier'It was a big influence in my younger years and I have never forgot the gig
great news u have more material smilie smilie

keep it going guys !
Swansea smilie

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NameAmelia Silvestri
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Messagehi mum and mandi it is amelia ( meebs) xx smilie smilie smilie smilie

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