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NameMark Edwards
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MessageMagic performances at the ISC - despite the pre-gig tension in the air and sound checks right up to the last possible minute, Kate Walsh sang with the pure and intimate vocals of a relaxed and assured star. The mix was just right for her and preserved the fantastic quality of her voice - do not disturb those settings for the 2nd night at all! When she brought on Turin's Olly for company for a duet their harmonies meshed really well - a bit hesitant at first - then they clicked and it was magic!

Warmth from all of us in the audience for Turin as they settled in to their first gig in months - essential supplies of Blu-tac thrown in from the sound gallery by Mr Atkin the luthier onto the stage made us laugh and then Olly Knight relaxed and let fly. I have to say I have never seen them live so am not hampered by the notion of a "hay day". What a treat. Guitar sounds to die for, warm and crisp. Acoustic base textures magnificent, and vocals from Ed superb. 3 musicians making a sound like 13. Slide guitar from Gale was complimentary yet dominant sometimes, his tone resonant and his array of pedals mixed in depth and textures that the PA held really well.Difficult to mix but the balance improved all along, the subtleties of a new song "Paper Moon" reduced one audience member to tears, and after the interval they really took command and deserved the standing ovation that followed.

We made a 140 mile round trip for this magic and would double the mileage to see them again!

Namesimon rowan
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MessageHi Debs
Truly, deeply, we enjoyed a great concert Saturday, once I got over the Elvis impersonation! and the extraordinary Luke, very gifted young guy.Thanks for leading us to the water once again. Roll on the next one.
Love Si & Mig

NameGrant Harper
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MessageFantastic local info and a great and easy to use web site for a change!

Be popping in again very soon!

smilie smilie

NameMark Johnson
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MessageDear Debs, thank you to you and your crew for getting the fabulous Karine Polwart to Canterbury. She is a total breath of fresh air. I can sit and listen to her for ages.
Warm regards,
Mark from Gillingham! smilie

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NameAndy Harmsworth
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MessageAny FitBers going to the Cambridge Folk Festival ? It would be good to meet up - fix a location (the bar - obvious or what?) and a time.If anyone needs a lift I've got room in my car. Travelling up from Canterbury on Thursday morning (31 July) - coming back dishevelled on Monday morning ....
Andy smilie

Messagethanks Stuart. Phil Reg and Tom were great weren't they, three very different styles that worked really well together. No doubt they'll be back again in some format or other. Talking of formats - to anyone that was there - what's your seating layout preference - sideways or end-on? Any thoughts welcome.

Ps huge thanks to everyone for coming along, and to Pete for doing the bar and all my trusty helpers. You're all stars! smilie

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MessageAbsolutely brilliant gig tonight, Debs. My dragee, John, really loved it. Those guys are so good together. Thanks for reminding me of the first FITB in 2003. I was there with Richard and Marie-Claude. Keep up the good work.

Hope to see you soon.


NameMick O'Rourke
Messagesmilie A big thanks to Debs for another year of superb live music with FITB and here's wishing her and her family, plus all those who've supported the gigs, best wishes for a great Christmas and a happy new year with more of the same.

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Messagethanks for the comments. Lawrence no doubt CQ will be back - could be June?? Keep the 21st free and watch this space!!! They were absolutely brilliant at their Christmas Cracker II gig in Petersfield on Sat, some good reviews on Longdogs (colvinquarmby forum). Bruce glad you enjoyed the Cara Dillon gig at the ISC, it is a great venue for acoustic music and hopefully we'll be able to bring you more of the same next year. smilie

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