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Private Message added 2010-06-09

Private Message added 2010-06-09

NameSteve Haddock
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MessageAs one of the five people who travelled all that way to the Martyn Josepf Saturday evening concert - it was well worth it.
In fact, I'd have travelled even as far as the distance from Kingston to be there.
Over two hours of excellent enetertainment - who could ask for more.
He could give lessons to a number of professionals -
Sugarbabes, cricket ground, one hour - but hey, I didn't go that one.

But I will be going to some more FTB events - already booked my tickets for Show of Hands and Fairport, and there's more to come.
Well done for a the hard work - well worthwhile.

And, if you're wondering whether to go to any of the concerts - get booking, unless it sells out before I can get there !

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MessageWe did enjoy the Martyn Joseph workshop inc buffet lunch. I did discover a new singer/songwriter , Luke Jackson : wonderful.
And the gig that evening ... wow .One to remember.
And Debs talking German and Dutch : smilie

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MessageHeya Debs
just saying the workshop with Martyn Joseph was brilliant and his gig last night was the best me and my dad have ever been to...say that every time we see him....!!
So thanx again for putting it all on smilie
Luke xxx

NameJason Mitchell
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MessageBeth Neilsen Chapman was just sublime and really great fun too. This was our first gig with FITB and my heavily pregnant wife Emilie and I had an assume time. The baby was having a serious stomp in time with the music as well. Thanks for a memorable last night out for a while!

Private Message added 2010-02-15

NameLuke jackson
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MessageHeya Debs,
just saying thanx so much for letting me open last night, had an awesome time playing and loved keith james and rick foot, was a really brilliant night so thanx again and see you soon
Luke xxx

Private Message added 2009-11-04

Namesimon rowan
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MessageIf an Oscar could be awarded for living every song so intensely, Gerry Colvin would definitely win one! Another brilliiant night's entertainment. Many thanks.
Si Mig smilie

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