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NameBill Vaughan Collingwood Lights
DateAug 2, 2018
Some of my stuff never made it down and right now I am also fabricating and doing a dry run with new props. that will be tested and then taken back down not to go back up until mid Oct. when set up starts.
My intention is to take everything down after the season but like I remind my wife "Getting old is no joke"

NameMichael B Fannon
DateJun 24, 2018
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MessageI was on Collingwood Road with my brother and father yesterday and said "Look, Christmas Lights" and realized some decorations are still up from last Christmas. I hope it is not too much work taking them up and down and if I had time I would offer to help but unfortunately I'm usually too busy. I hope you do have someone to help and 6 months to go till I bring my nephew up on Christmas Eve. Are you still taking down last year's lights or are some just left year round?

Merry Christmas in 183 days.

NameBill Vaughan Collingwood Lights
DateFeb 18, 2018
MessageAs I continue to slowly get my display down and put away I want to thank everyone for all their support and encouragement. Coming back from having my knee replaced in Jan. of 2017 I really wasn't sure I could pull the display off this year. More than anything I wanted to again light up the dark Dec. nights. Unfortunately, as I grow old, I am becoming more and more aware that the checks my mind writes oftentimes my body can not cash. I feel truly blessed that with such unbelievable support from so many I was able to pull the display off and God willing, we will be back even brighter again in 2018!

NameChristina R
DateJan 9, 2018
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Thank you for another wonderful holiday light display!!! It was great to take my kids, who are a little older now and were so excited to see the lights blink and flash and run. You outdid yourself!

I'm also very glad that you're doing so much better. You must be to put on such a wonderful holiday show. Thanks again and all the best for the coming year!

Many thanks,

NameLaura M.
DateJan 7, 2018
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MessageThank you for another year of a heart-warming show!

NameBill Vaughan Collingwood Lights
DateJan 1, 2018
MessageSorry everyone but something has come up and we will be off tonight. Will be back tomorrow and shining thru the 6th of Jan.

NameYelena S.
DateJan 1, 2018
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MessageThank you for your annual display!
It became our tradition to watch your amazing decoration. I bring the family and friends. Yesterday, the 31st was 18 F. How many people stopped, watch and enjoyed the music and the lights. It isn't holiday season without your show!
Thank you!

NameBill Vaughan Collingwood Lights
DateDec 30, 2017
MessageCarol, The 6th will be our last night. I hope you are able to visit again.

NameCarol A.
DateDec 30, 2017
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MessageI took my 97 year old mom to see your lights last night. We were thrilled! When mom and dad lived in the area dad would load up the car with neighbors and friends to see your lights. They started the tradition about 24 years ago! I want to take mom by one more time this next week. Are they up until the 6th?

DateDec 28, 2017
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MessageThank you for doing this again this year!!! My husband and I brought our daughters (in their 30's) to see it and we all just stood there and took it all in for about 45 minutes. The best lights display we have ever seen! Just incredible - put smiles on everyone's faces who stopped to enjoy it.

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