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DateMar 20, 2019
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NameHuguette I Stevens
DateJan 19, 2019
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MessageI visited for the first time this past christmas. We stood there marvelling at the decoration for over 30 minutes. My two kids had so much fun as I did too. Thank you for making this our new tradition .

NameKathy Pollack
DateJan 14, 2019
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MessageThanks so much for all you do! I've lived near Collingwood all my life (1955) and visited your great gift every year with my family. It wouldn't be Christmas without Collingwood Lights!

NamePeter Young
DateJan 6, 2019
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MessageJust got back from Collingwood one last time. Christmas has now officially ended. Farewell and goodbye until this December when we will meet again. Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night. See you December 1st and in the meantime a Happy Thanksgiving, Easter, Halloween, Mother's Day, and Father's Day.

352 Days Until Christmas

NameArlington Fans
DateJan 5, 2019
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MessageWe had your display on our holiday activity list and there was no better way to wrap up the season! You have to see this in person to appreciate the tremendous effort that went into what is truly a perfect display. We had moved beyond Christmas here on Jan 5 but we fired up the Christmas music for the rest of the night after visiting Collingwood. Thank you so much. We'll be back next year!

NameBill Vaughan Collingwood Lights
DateJan 5, 2019
MessageFinally finished testing and resetting the display lights after the latest rain and it looks like a go for tonight. Lights will run through tomorrow night, 01/06, then we are putting 2018 to bed. Enjoy!

NameLucy & Ethel
DateJan 4, 2019
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MessageThank you so much for the great display. We enjoyed it very much. We can only imagine the amount of effort and love that went into the display. We also would like to thank you for considering the impact on your neighborhood (and no we don’t live close by) and making sure everyone stays safe.

We will definitely be back next year.

NameLora of WMN
DateJan 2, 2019
MessageAmazing, amazing, amazing. We live close by, and my 4yo daughter loves "The Big Christmas Lights" so much that she asks to go see them every day after school. She has also begged us to find the songs on Amazon so she can listen to "Sandstorm" and "Little Saint Nick" whenever she wants. Bill, we just love this time of year, and your display makes it even more special for your neighbors. Thank you so much for this gift of joy! We truly appreciate everything you do to make this happen.

NameKeri Johnston
DateJan 2, 2019
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MessageWe came on New Year's Day evening. What a spectacular display. We also enjoyed the Irish dancers. We've lived overseas for much of the past 15 years and had forgotten how much Americans like to light up their houses. Yours is just amazing and has surpassed anything we've seen in Europe or Asia (or Texas for that matter).

Thank you for sharing your artistry and ingenuity! We'll definitely be back and look forward to what 2019 might bring.

NameDeidi Zapinski
DateJan 1, 2019
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MessageThank you for all the work you put in to this magnificent display! We enjoyed watching the lights sync with the music. This is a truly artistic display. Again thanks for making our holiday season brighter! Happy 2019! smilie smilie

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