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Name Sandoval Wolff
Date 2007-12-13 17:18:29
Message This is our first year visiting your house. What a sight to see, and really was amazing!!.....It really made me happy to see something nice, specially my daughter Barbarita (08 y/o) dreans with your light decoration, It seems this has become a new family tradition.
Merry Christams
Sandoval Wolff Family

Name Jill Lindsay
Date 2008-11-30 13:01:56
Message What an extraordinary display of celebration. I can certainly see why those close to you have made this part of their holiday season. If I didn't live in California, I would too.

Thank you so much. It's beautiful.

Name Willie
Date 2008-01-07 22:22:24
Message My mom is in Manor Care across the street from your home and your lovely Christmas display. We discovered it one night while visiting her and have stayed to watch and listen every night since then. What an incredible gift you have given us! My granddaughter who is 7 just could not get enough of the display and wanted to go back as often as possible. She told everyone she knows about it! Thank you seems so inadequate, but I do want to thank you for doing this. It's truly beautiful and inspiring.

God bless you and yours! Can't wait till next year to see it again.

Name The Okonsky Family
Date 2009-01-06 21:18:51
Message Dear Bill,
Our family had heard about you light display, so we went to go see it. From a ways down the street we started to see all the beautiful lights, at the same time our radio station slowly tuned into your joyous selection of Christmas music. We stayed for the whole show, and have been bragging about it since. We agreed that we liked the Beach Boys song the best. The timing to the music was impeccable, not to mention remarkable. We realize it must have taken so much time and effort to put the show together and we just wanted to thank you for all of your hard work, it really made us smile. None of us had ever seen such a beautifully decorated house, and most likely never will. We’re all greatly looking foreword to what your going to do next year!
Thanks so much, The Okonsky Family

Name Just us
Date 2010-12-23 17:23:58
Message Thank you for the awesome display!! Me and my 3 girls have gone there many times this month to see your house dance. We love it!! On our way again in a few...

Name renata
Date 2010-12-08 10:47:54
Message Bill-- we can't wait to come and see the lights this year! We will be bringing Audrey's boyfriend with us!

Name Gloria
Date 2011-11-21 11:54:49
Message My family and I are looking forward to enjoying your Christmas light display again. We have been coming since my five year old was an infant and we are excited to introduce our 6 month old to your beautiful display this year.

Name Steve Truair
Date 2008-03-18 04:16:42
Message Your lights are beautiful. I would love to see photos of wire runs, controller banks, and other behind the scenes stuff! Keep it up!

Name sherry
Date 2007-12-07 21:11:49
Message Thank you so much for all your effort. We accidentally found your home last year and were hoping to see it again this year. It is spectacular. We bring out of town guests to see it. We LOVE the fish in the pond!!! The lights in the lawn really blow my mind...gotta come by in the daylight to see what all the wires looks like. Please post in your blog sometime how long it takes for you to get it all up and back down each year.

Name Buzz lightyear
Date 2015-12-13 20:31:30
Message Mr Vaughn,
Sorry to hear about the controllers and the lack of lights. Sometime when my lights don't work I find a loose bulb. Have you looked for that? Also, there have been lots of surges in the hood because folk are throwing shoes at Donald trump when he is on tv. Maybe a surge protector would help.

Anyhow I hope you can repair the issue. We love you in the hood. You make collingwood a great place to live. Regards

Name Marc From Becker
Date 2007-10-22 17:51:40
Message looked great last year, can't wait for this year! you better get busy!!

Name Bill Vaughan
Date 2008-11-30 05:12:01
Message Hey everybody,
I had hoped to have everything up and running by tomorrow night but awoke to rain this morning which is forecast through Mon. and unfortunately, start up will be delayed a couple of days. I hope none have made the trip out only to find darkness. We will be up and glowing soon.

Name Dorothy McCollum
Date 2007-11-20 08:05:25
Message looking forward to the CD John said was going to be made. What a beautiful sight.

John's mom

Name John Wesley McCollum
Date 2007-12-09 09:23:57
Message whats up willie
checking for viedos


Name Chatfield/Kovack Family
Date 2007-12-04 19:55:37
Message Every year we look forward to your light display. The kids will make me go out of the way to see the lights almost daily. Tonight we had to go by to see if they were on yet! I was glad to see you have created this website so others away from the area can see the lights also. We can't wait to see this year's display!

(My son said if you ever need the help he would be glad to help you - he is 14)

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