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NameMichael McKay
DateOct 28, 2017
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MessageMy fiance and I enjoy coming out every year to see your light display. We missed seeing the display last year. Are you planning on putting up a display for this year? Thank you for all that you do.

NameCathy C
DateOct 10, 2017
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MessageMr. Vaughan,
In hearing reminders about Christmas only being 11 weeks away, your incredible light display came to mind. I had hoped to take my Mom to see it last Christmas but your health wasn't up to it, which I was sorry to hear. I hope you have had successful surgeries and recovery! Please let us know how you are doing. Hopefully you are much better - the world needs more Christmas feelings/light displays/smiles....

Best wishes,

DateAug 1, 2017
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DateJul 7, 2017
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NameNichola Pye
DateMay 21, 2017
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MessageHi Jarred,

May I start by saying my second point first then i'll get back to the first.

Your display has provided me and my sister who live together so much joy over the years. Even as her eyes succumb to premature blindness and her hearing doesn't work so good anymore, she has clung to the hope of your display. So thank you from both of us, as well as our other brother.

To my first point I am impressed by the skill it requires and wanted to say that me and my brother and my sister appreciate your work.

Warmest Regards,


NameCody Wilson
DateMay 21, 2017
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Messagelove collingwood, love these lights. literally best christmas lights I've ever seen, so bright I was blinded. I hope I can afford the optometrist appointments. 7/10

NameChristina R
DateJan 4, 2017
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We've managed to see your wonderful display only once, about two years ago. It was the highlight of that Christmas season for me, especially taking my young daughter to see all of the wonderful lights. I hope that she and now my son are able to enjoy them at least once more.

Of course, your health comes first! I'm so very sorry to hear of your struggles and apologize for not reading through the comments before messaging you. Wishing you all the best in 2017, especially good health!!

Much love,
Christina R

NameBill Vaughan - Collingwood Lights
DateDec 31, 2016
MessageThere is nothing grand or glorious about getting old. It is an ongoing struggle and tug of war between the brain and the body over what challenges can be taken on physically, how much pain can continue to be endured to reach a goal and when is it finally time to surrender. I will not be doing my lights this year. I'm just not up to it. My hope is that this will not be the end of Collingwood Lights but just a break and that after several planned surgeries and successful rehab. we will be back in 2017. Until then, I'm sorry for any disappointment and I hope all that read this will pass the information on.

NameKathy C
DateDec 30, 2016
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MessageI'm sorry to hear that you aren't feeling well. Wishing you health and happiness for 2017. Thank you for all the wonderful times over the years watching your lights. My Dad was in Manor Care in 2006 and he really enjoyed seeing the lights every night. I've been coming to see them every year since then. Thanks again for all your hard work. Take care! Happy New Year!

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