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Private Message added Dec 7, 2016

DateDec 7, 2016
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Messageyou rock man and always have! Get well! we understand!

NameClaire Kluskens
DateDec 6, 2016
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MessageThank you for the many years you did this. It was quite a show. May God continue to bless you in the years ahead.

NameYoung Family
DateDec 6, 2016
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MessageYour house has been a tradition for our family for several years. We will think of you every year whether the lights are up or not. Best wishes for a healthy and strong 2017.

NameLois Drury and Family
DateDec 5, 2016
MessageEach year at Christmas time, your light display is a anticipated light show, complete with music from Manheim Steamroller!! You really are an artist with top drawer knowledge of your craft. As you watch the disappointed cars give your empty lawn a horrifying stare, be comforted by the many, many people that realize the gift of joy you have shared with us for so many years! A positive aspect of this revolting development is that your electric bill will be chump change compared to December's bill! Mr. Vaughan, you have been a kind of Santa with an electrical engineering flair. I am so happy that you have decided to put your health at the top of the 'to do' list. Do what is needed for yourself. Remember how much your community (from all over the place) loves and admires the selfless gifts, year after year, of choreographed electric light shows with very cool music, you have joyfully displayed! All the blessing to you and your family, now and as you prepare for your anticipated surgeries and recovery. You are quite a guy!!

NameMary Faxon
DateDec 4, 2016
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MessageI wait all year for visit this show! You've become my only December tradition ❤️️

NameJenny P
DateDec 4, 2016
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MessageBest to you, Vaughn family and thank you for many years of Christmas magic!

NameRobert Sockwell (DC)
DateDec 3, 2016
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MessageDear Vaughn Family; I have enjoyed years of annual visits with awed friends to show off the wizardry of your choreographed displays. This year I will have to wish Bill Vaughn a speedy recovery, with or without expectations that he continue his unique Xmas treat to the region in the future. You have given great pleasure to many. Now, it is time for you to heal. Best to you during your recuperation, and in the future. Be warmed by the messages of your loyal fans. "Peace" be with you and your family. Perhaps you can just play seasonal music on your low-power FM station for disappointed passers-by this year.

DateDec 2, 2016
MessageYou have brought alot of joy to alot of people over the years. We hope you have a speedy recovery and are able to continue in the future. If not - you have given alot of joy to alot of people.

DateDec 1, 2016
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MessageMy husband and I are so sorry to read that you're not feeling well this time of year. We hope that with rest , the surgeries you need, and the closeness of family and friends during this time of year and all year round, you recover and start to feel like yourself again. We love your display, we love bringing family by when they visit from out of town and we hope to be able to do so in future Christmas seasons. Take care, God bless, we hope you have a blessed and wonderful Christmas season!

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