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NameAdam FP
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MessageI was just introduced to your writing via The Jazz Age and I absolutely love it. I look forward to reading more of your work :)

NameMario Rene Borunda
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MessageHi Mark,
Enjoyed listening to you on the Zoom cast today. I am new to your writing, which book of yours Do you think I should start with? Thanks again.

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MessageKeep expressing yourself!

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MessageIdeas for expand fiberIncreasing linens within the weight loss program can be carried out by developing a few minimal, very easy transformations.

NameJudi Cook
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MessageGood to have met you at Archon and be assured I will be reading your books as I love SF and AH. Orson Scott Card got me started on AH. Athur Clark and Isaac Asimove got me hooked on SF many, many, many, etc. and so forth, years ago.

NameBrian Stoller
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MessageHey - I just finished the Secantis trilogy - great stuff - I'm a frequent sf reader and I really enjoyed it .. In particular "Peace and Memory" -this could translate well to a full length movie
I bought yer books on 3 separate trips to left bank books and was surprised after I bought the 2nd to hear you are a St Louis native. I relocated here some 30 plus years ago and call it home.
I'm also a Musician - I relocated to St. Louis to attend the St. Louis conservatory back in the early 80's - major was classical guitar . I played in a popular St. Louis reggae band for 18 years- named Murder City Players ( awful name)
I have a IT job to pay the bills. recently I bought and built walls of modular synths .. Something I always wanted to do...
Anyways - enough bout me..

I hope you have more to be published ..!!!!
Your books go on the stack of "read again in a few years"
Hope Is good w you,
"Later for now then"

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MessageHappy New Year! Many good words to you.

NameJim Pyre
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MessageYour site is great. Thanks for the critique at Archon!!

NameBobbi Hughes-Millman
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MessageGreat site, Mark. Like the combination of books, art and politics. My top faves also. My FB page has art I've borrowed but when I release my second book I'll be including art from mys sister-in-law that pertains to the story.

Anyway, fun to review. I'll return. Subscribed on FB also, btw.

NameBob Rechtin
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MessageRecently finished Chimerea after starting with Mirage, now onto Aurora. I'm enjoying the plot complexities. I don't see these listed on your web site, but looking forward to reading your other works.

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