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NameVirginia Brackett
MessageI enjoyed your photography, Mark. I didn't know about this side of you! V

NameJudy Stock
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MessageI got a copy of Mirage at the CCMWG Write Direction workshop in Columbia in October 2008. Reading it was like going home. Thank you for prolonging the existence of the robots, and Aurora, and just everything.

NameIulian Voloshin
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MessageHi! just finished reading Aurora. Enjoyed it very much! Wonder if there ever going to be any continuation to the saga?

NameMichael Thomas Driskell
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MessageGod bless you and greetings cousins! I'm playing on my PC, and thought I'd scope out your site a bit more. Damn Mark! You really make me grin. I'm so glad we could connect again. Really! Donna love, that's to you as well. :) I'm selling cars again. Chevys, new and used. This store does alot of biz. It's hard on me, with all the standing around between clients tho'. It's aliving.. Church goes well. I met and "led to Christ" the lead guitarist of KORN last month. He just stopped in and wanted God in his life. I helped to make the introduction. ;) He's staight and didn't know he was in a "gay church", as we are often called. That's God for you. He's the One directing the show. "Used Car Salesman leads Rock Star to Christ in a gay church!" What a headline that would make, huh? How's the folks? I will get a line out to them soon, prob. w/some photos of your visit and of the ancestors{copies}. How did your pics come out? I hope to see them posted. Well, it's Nov. Have a blessed Thanksgiving. Love to you all.. Mike

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MessageFirst read the Robot books and tremendously enjoyed them! Very exciting addition to Mr. Asimov's work! Then found and enjoyed Remains! Now, I've just gotten hold of Compass Reach! I can't wait to get into it!
Keep up the original, clever, and intriguing writing and we'll keep reading!

NameMaurice French
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MessageJust purchased "Have Robot Will Travel" from Amazon. Don't know how I missed it when originally published. More after I'm sure a good read.

NameValarie Shelton
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Thank you for allowing me to be your guest. I had a blast. I am enjoying my copy of Compass Reach and look forward to reading your Robot trilogy.

I had no idea until I viewed your guestbook and updated website that I had been neglectful. I know that I will have something in the SciFi genre to consume with pleasure instead of the SOS.

I look forward to reading everything you have written thus far and in the future.

NameTom Overton
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MessageJust cruising and found your page. It looks great


NameJosh Myers
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MessageHello Mark,
I don't know if you will recognize my name, but you signed a copy of Compass Reach for me when I worked with your wife as a temp worker at Edward Jones many years ago. I'm about to be a father in rougly 1 week and I was instructed to give a list of books I need to my mother-in-law. They will give me something to do at the hospital next week. I recently re-read your book for the 5th or 6th time, and I was hoping that there are more books in the story. The link on your web page for the bibliography under the Bio didn't seem to be working. I hope you and your wife are doing well. Please let me know if the story of Fargo and Lis continues, or what other works of yours might be as interesting.

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i just discovered your website, its lovely.
a few months ago i read "drink" and i have a question: does madrin intend to kill renard with a knife? because renard wont die since he is a vampire...
have you written a follow up story?

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