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MessageHi Mark, Totally loving Mirage and can't wait to read the rest of the trilogy. I'm an avid fan of Asimov's Foundation and Robot series and I believe that in Bogard I detect a little bit of R. Daneel Olivaw's Zeroth law. Perhaps Bogard's design was somehow incorporated into the positronic matrix of either Daneel or Giscard? Yes, I am a complete Nerd, my children remind me daily ever since the incident at the star trek convention!

thanks for a great story.
Myra-farmington, MN USA

NameMatt Hayes
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MessageI just wanted to let you know that Mirage is a great book and that you did an excellent job carrying on the work of Asimov. I've read many of his novels, which is what attracted me to your book. I plan on finishing the trilogy that Mirage is associated with.

NameKeith Berdak
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MessageI recently finished your novel, "Remains," and wanted to congratulate you on a truly brilliant, well-paced and exciting story. Well done!

Your old pal,

Keith Berdak

NameDave Marlow
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MessageHi Mark, I enjoyed your site.Some of the photographs are the ones I saw.Were you able to use those files I made of them?Hope so. And the others, I like very much.You shoot like I do.I've been suffering "photographer's block" like "Writer's block" know; except two weeks ago I made a comeback with a b&w abstract at the Arboretum.I was ecstatic.Then this last Sunday, another good one at the jewel box.So, it's back in the saddle again...mixing metaphors...haha...I'll be checking your site out from time to time. May see you at the big read if I find time this weekend. Have to fix my car first, though........your friend, Dave...(pardon my grammar)

NameLucy T. Holmes
MessageHey Mark.. would you PLEASE consider showing your photography at a gallery? Marbles Yoga Studio would be a great place.. and I can get you contact info. They'd be happy to do it... and if you don't have enough, you could share the show with another artist.

It really shouldn't be much trouble unless your stuff isn't framed. You never know.. some of it could sell, too.

Let me know.

And hey, BTW, did you read Eric's blog post? About, of all things, INTROVERTS?? The very next day after our conversation.. how synchronistic can you get?

NameJoe Greco
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I like the new website. Write more, sell more and then remember me when your rich and famous. Good luck.


NameLinda Overton
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MessageMark, I so enjoyed your new website. Kudos to the webmaster. And of course, yourself.
Keep up the great work and sharing yourself with your readers. Probably one of my favorite aspects of Remains...I want to believe the characters reflected parts of the author...a mulititude of complexities not embodied by one being. A soul so far reaching it can connect at some level with anyone, regardless of gender/age/space/time/galaxies.
That's my story...and I'm sticking to it!

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