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Namemary connor
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MessageFound the sight some time ago, I am his daughter
it is interesting to see a few remember a lifetime of work. warwick amer his father my grandfather died was found missing dead and wendy Geddes have never heard about maybe related who was the link to his side of the family would be interesting to find out Thanks you for you interest in him long gone but not forgotten.

Namealan moon
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MessageFound the website through google and Bill was a
friend by way of his writing in the Mirror.
He called a spade a spade and didn't take fools
gladly although a great and generous man.
He is missed by many,and made the mirror the paper
we had to read.Long may your chimney smoke,Bill

NameAndrey Yanitskiy
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I just searched info about Cassandra by Google or Wikipedia to read his famous column "Before I was so rudely interrupted..."

I studing English and such texts will help me.

Namejohn buckley
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MessageI remeember this column,i always read it,the one i remember best was about john kennedy i think it was called"young man in an old rocking chair"i have looked for it again on several occasions but never found it,it always stuck in my mind.

Namegerry w
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MessageHow great it was to find this site whilst surfing for stuff on william connor, well done to the instigator.
I recently heard his description of porridge and wanted to read it again.
Ha, in the land of porridge invention where everybody seems to like it, apart from myself, it was refreshing to have a common ally in Connor's description of the stuff...with which I too suffered the indignation and discomfort of being forced to eat as a child!!
What a funny guy he was...

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NameDave Fowles-Towler
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MessageI read Bill Connor's column from as early as I can remember until he retired in February 1967. When he dies in April '67 my intention was to attend his Memorial Service. Unfortunately, I had worked the previous nightshift and nodded off, waking up some hours later with not enough time to make the journey. I coupled Bill with a guy called Bill Harney, an Aussie who wrote with the same level of clarity

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MessageI looked for a website as I have one of his books-to see if he had any more

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