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NameCapt C.L.Girdlestone
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Webpagevia wikipedia
MessageI served at Christmas Islands during the nuclear tests of 1978 on board of the R.F.A Fort Beauharnois a fleet victualing store issuing ship. And found my way here via Csssandras photo page of Christmas Islands.

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MessageI am 60 I was given a copy of this book age 17. As i am in the habit of lending books out its probably the 10th copy in my hands now.
Such clarity, wonderful prose.
It lives with 2 others

That this book is no longer published leads me to doubt the literacy of the modern press.

NameMalcolm Barrington-Clark
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MessageAs a young man, I read his works in the Mirror and later in life in his book. there was no finer writer and his view of life was both tragic and comic. god rest his soul

Namemike willis
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MessageMy name is Mike Willis, I am the grandson of the now late William Hanson, a builder from Frieth in Bucks.
According to the family William carried out some work for Cassandra on his house in Fingest, as part payment for the work he took an oak dresser, this dresser has now come down to me.
It is probably of little value but certainly of some interest.
I do wonder if anyone else knew of the dresser outside of my family.

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MessageI bought my '5 bob' copy at W.H.Smiths on Leeds station concourse and it gets dug out at least once every year..
I remember I went to work on my bike that week because I'd blown my bus fare money on the book.
The man was a genius with words .. His wit, his depth of understanding and his ability to make the simplest things interesting..
I've never lent my book out but told many people about him.. Now they can read some of his work for themselves .. Well done.
Regards from Spain. KR

NameChristian Meyer-Hübner
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MessageI wish I could have met this gentleman,he was my grandfather.

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