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Private Message added 2013-01-15

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MessageIn the book, his column about his father being lost appears.

Was he ever found?

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MessageI rember his writing well especially

As I was saying before I was so rudely interrupted

NameRobert Cooper
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MessageDear Michael Lawrie,

Our production company Great Meadow Productions is making a drama for BBC4 about P G Wodehouse's broadcasts from Berlin in 1941. The writer, Nigel Williams, would like to use extracts from the subsequent broadcast made by William Connor on the BBC, which I am sure you know.

I am trying to contact any surviving relatives of William Connor's, both to let them know about our programme and also to establish who might own the copyright of Mr Connor's broadcast (the BBC, which still holds the recording, is unsure).

I see from your excellent web page that you have been in touch with William Connor's son Frank and wondered if there was any way I might get in touch with him about our programme? I would be very grateful for any help you may be able to offer us.

Kind regards

Robert Cooper

Namejenny chaplin
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MessageI was brought up with the Daily Mirror and Cassandra. I always remembered his comments about estate agents, and have often used the phrase about the dead rat on a short string. It came to mind again yesterday, and as I've recently bought a laptop, I thought I'd give it a go. Lo and behold, page 40 has the definitions of estate agents' jargon. Like others, my copy of the book got lost somewhere between moves. However, now I'll be able to read it again, courtesy of my laptop.

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Namemichael rigley
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MessageI am a novice writer and subscribe to Writing magazine. in responce to an artical from the president of the publication David st John Thomas
his artical qustions. 'I wonder why so many people are slow to say 'Thank you'. ;
Cassandra came to mind firstly becouse he was an enjoyable read as is David. and secondly i wonder how he would find todays world.

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MessageI have searched off and on for a long time for a copy of Casandra at his finest and funniest. I had the paperback when it first came out, it probably disintegrated or got lost years ago. I loved his column in the newspaper. In 1967 when it was published I was 23 yrs old. I have never forgotten this book, thank you so much for been able to read it again. My favorit story the Camden goods yard and the organ he sent to the Ackney gas works to test the gas pipes, what else would it be used for 'Arry :).

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MessageI want free X-Rumer 7.0.10 ELITE??
Send me URL please!

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