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Private Message added 2018-10-16

Nameearl orr
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Messagethank for keeping our XANADU alive

NameBrett Sjoberg
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MessageOnly the best musical ever made!!! smilie smilie smilie

Private Message added 2017-11-21

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MessageWhat a fun site! When people ask me what my favorite movie is I often think it should be a well regarded classic. But the more I think about it I realize that my favorite is one that I can watch over and over again and be delighted by for the right and wrong reasons. That film is "Xanadu". I first saw it in the early 80s when I was a young boy on HBO. It was a staple of the network back then and I scoured the listings looking for it. If it came on at 5:00 AM I would wake up and watch it. The film just made me that happy. Now that I'm in my mid-40s it still does.

NameSusanna Savidge
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MessageXanadu is my favorite movie! Thank you for keeping it alive!!

NameJohn Nickolaus-Johnson
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MessageI grew up with this movie. Didn't realize what a "flop" it was until I was adult, and couldn't understand WHY!! It's nothing but a FUN movie, pure and simple. It doesn't pretend to be anything other than what it is...joy.

Long live XANADU!!!


Private Message added 2015-11-30

NameRobert Siegel
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MessageI saw Xanadu when it opened, it showed at the Skyway 1 theater in downtown Minneapolis, which is torn down but it had a killer sound system and they had it cranked. I proceeded to go 10 more times. I am waiting for slow Universal to release a blu-ray that contains the Midnight Special, the production reels, and other extras. Heck, I'll even take the movie alone. C'mon Universal, wake up it's the 35th anniversary!

Private Message added 2015-07-13

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