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NameMary Rubino
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Web site
MessageWe publish the Senoir Connection newspaper, a mounthly newspaper for seniors, in Northern Illinois and southern Wisconsin. Would you grant us permission to use one of your sunflower paintings for our September front cover?

We are on deadline, so if you could let us know ASAP I would appreciate it.
Thank you,

Mary Rubino smilie

NameShelia Clements
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MessageI recently purchased a painting by Sherman Boothe in Montgomery, AL. Would like more information regarding this teacher/artist and have been unable to find info. on web. Can you help? Regards, Paul and Shelia Clements smilie

NameLes Bryant
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MessageWhat are the prices on your paintings, particularly larger ones?

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MessageHello! Wanted to send you a note to let you know you need to remove Black Bear Art Assoc from your home page. I'm working on changes to DJ Geribo. I want to have a guest book section, too. Don't know if Jim will be able to add that.

Have a great day! See you on Monday!

NameRegina Bartels
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MessageDear Fay,
I am "Uncle Tex's" (Cpt. Gary Bartels) wife Regina and believe it or not after all this time since your sons return from Iraq I came across your card that you had given me at the Welcome Home ceremony at Ft. Drum. I love your site and especially love the dedication to the troops that came home.
Thank you for sharing that with so many people!
I hope that Mike is well and that your family is doing well also!
Take care!
Regina Bartels

NameJulia Bradshaw
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Web site address[email protected]
MessageHi Fay, it's always fun to check your site for new art.. I saw some new and some old. I have your 2 other paintings at my house. The teapot and the surf painting. I work for the Secretary of State now and have since Jan. of 2006. I have not been painting much and certainly have not updated my site. Take care, Judy B.

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MessageI was just looking at your paintings and was wondering how much the "Purple Tulips" painting costs?

Do you have all these paintings when you set up at the Wakefield Marketplace?

NameT. Whitworth
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MessageCould you give me pricing info on Koi fish painting? Can you frame too?

NameCarol Lois Haywood
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Web site
MessageVisiting your website is a real treat, Fay! I was especially taken with your fish series and your flower paintings. You have a gift for bringing together the real and the imaginary in one image to very good effect.
Thanks for visiting my website and posting in my guestbook.

NameAngel Van Horn
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MessageHello, I am interested in obtaining copyright permission for the use of your print "just fish" to use for the cover of our Educator Handbooks for the county office of education in Riverside. Please let me know, ASAP, as we are under a deadline. Thank you. angel van horn

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