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NameHarold and Rachel Chamberlin
MessageWe like your site. The studio looks better inside than outside.

Private Message added 2010-03-04

NameMonica Hendrix
MessageLove the "One Nice Pizza" painting. Is this available for purchase? Thanks!

NameBonita Russell
Locationclick picture for more information
Messagelooking for someone to paint a muriel in a church baptistry.

Private Message added 2009-11-19

Private Message added 2009-10-16

NameJoyce Lee
MessageI hadn't looked at your website in a while and since it's raining today, decided I'd look at it. Very nice! I especially liked your lighthouse by the sea painting. I also showed your site to some of my friends at our senior complex and they thought your paintings were very nice.

Looking forward to seeing you and Bob in a few weeks.


NameEmmett Gomillion
Locationclick picture for more information
MessageHi, I really enjoyied your site, although I found it by mistake. I was at an auction in Wetumpka Alabama and purchased several pcs of pottery by, one by Sherman Boothe, which has a signed peice of paper in it from 1979. Its a small picture approx 4 inches tall and has a handle on it. One small chip on the lip of it but other than that in great shape. I paid $32.00 for the box and just wonderd if I got a good deal. Any Info you can give on the sherman Mr Boothes piece would be appreicated.

Thanks Emmett

NamePeggy Bedsole
Locationclick picture for more information
MessageAs always I am in love with each of your works. LOL I treasure the ones that I have. They remind me of the great times in the Parish Hall at QOM and the wonderful lady that painted them!

Private Message added 2009-04-08

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