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NameHeather Stossel
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Yes, I am interested in the piece with the yellow and purple tulips. If that is an original and the size.

Thank you
Heather smilie

NameAustin Mozingo
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My name is Ausitn mozingo
i need some places to hunt since my dad
is fighting in the war in Aghanistan and
i don't have anywhere to go since everybody my dad works with takes me and they are with him.
So if you could offer me a cheap and reasonable hunting location that would be great
Austin Mozingo

NameLynn Hadden
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Web site
MessageGood Evening.

I am seeking Callaway Gardens Art. Could you send me information on the Callaway work that you have?

Kind Regards,

Lynn Hadden
Lafayette Garden Inn
Lagrange, GA

NameBill Voizin
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On a chance, I looked you up on the web, and lo-and-behold there you were! I feel very honored that I have one of your painting, (which I treasure). I don't know if you remember, we used to sing together in Our Lady of Mercy's choir quite a few years ago. And now you're up in New Hampshire...I'm still in Hoover, Alabama...and it appears you're having a great time! I was introduced to photography a few years back and sometimes something "artsy" comes out! I do enjoy the flowers and birds wherever they show up.

It was great discovering your site and enjoying your art again. Would be great to hear from you.

Best regards,
Bill Voizin

NameDan Skojec
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Web site
MessageHi Fay,
Love your work! I have a small shop where I transfer images onto 8"x10" ceramic tiles and sell them wholesale to artists who are interested in reselling them or giving them as gifts. If interested, please check out my website for all the details. Thanks, -Dan the Tile Man smilie

Private Message added 2008-02-18

NameErica Heberling
MessageYou are fantastic, unbelievable, outrageously talented! I own some of your work and I always get compliments on these pieces.
Best Regards,

NameLamar Sale
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Messagesmilie Status of 50th reunion.

Namesimon Entwistle
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Web site
MessageI must say, I find your website very interesting and very educational, As a story teller myself, I do enjoy this material best wishes simon United Kingdom

NameJames R. Cooper, Jr.
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MessageFay, I ran into Bob at the Montgomery Y. We caught up on everyone. Little Mike is no longer little. Christine has grown up too. Both Parker and Leslyn remember Christine fondly from her baby sitting duties. Take care. Jim

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