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NameSterlina Harper
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My name is Sterlina and recently lost my best friend "Brutus" on Friday, August 14th. Brutus was a Shaded Silver Persian. He was 11 years old and was very ill. I love cats very much, and since I live alone, my cat was a great companion for me. I am very interested in purchasing another feline friend and loved looking at your website. In fact, it put the biggest smile on my face which I really need since losing Brutus. I live in Temple Hills, Maryland, and have a very large house that would accommodate a wonderful Maine Coon beautifully. Please email me at "" and let me know what other kittens you have available. I did love the blue male kitten you show cased. Is he still available? I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Thank you,


NameMichael Lohri
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MessageThanks for all your help today. I look forward to working w/ you and possibly adopting our little boy!

NameCarrie O'Foran
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MessageI'm the daughter of the woman who just bought the cameo orange boy kitty and i cant wait to get him home! He is very cute and all my friends think he is addorable(i sent them the pictures you sent my sister). iwas bored so i decided to look through all the pages of your webpage. i came across this and you get the point. yea smilie smilie smilie

NameBirgit Rein
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MessageHello from Germany,

you have wonderful males and two of your females are my favourites.

This is the first time Iam writing in a guestbook

out of Germany.

Best wishes


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MessageIf you still have the cameo Maine Coon Kitten left, please E-mail me and I will send you a deposit.
Thank you!
Kay Beal
4048 Greenville Road
Meyersdale, PA 15552

Nameshirley anderson
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MessageI enjoyed talking to you at the cat show on Saturday. Of all the People you were the most willing to talk and the friendliest. Your white Maine Coon definitely looked like a girl. I have never seen an all white one, I am now smitten. Not all catteries carry them. Your seems to have a softer fur. I thought it was cool the way they grip their paw around your finger. Its like they have hands instead of paws. You have a beautiful web sight and I hope to be able to purchase one of your cats some day.
Sincerely, Shirley Anderson.

NameTim & Kim
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MessageVery nice web-site and informative. Beautiful Cats and Kittens! smilie

NameKate Hanlon
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MessageDear Stella, I left a brief voice message for you this evening. I live in Port Republic, Maryland in Southern Maryland, and I am interested in one of your feline babies. I have rescued adult cats my entire life. My much loved orange tabby died in October after receiving twice-daily fluid injections for three months as he suffered from renal disease. My much loved white cat is in hospice care receiving steriod injections once a week. As I'm 52 and grieving the loss of my dear old felines, I decided that I want my next and perhaps last cats to be "Dream Kittens." I purchased a Turkish Angora a couple of months ago - "Rio" will be a year old in February. I want my second kitty to be a Maine Coon. Rio is a high white red cameo like your Stacalone Moses. I will email you photos from my phone so you can see him snuggled up with my dog, Luna and a photo of him sleeping next to Milo, my old white cat. I want a male kitten that looks like your Moses or a white, kitten. Would you let me know if you have such a kitten, and, if not, if you will be birthing litters in the near future that might include this a kitten? Little Rio will dearly miss Milo so my preference would be to get a kitten sooner than later but I also want my "Dream Kitty" so I am prepared to wait for him. I'd love to speak with you, if this would be possible - I promise to be respectful of your time. Thank you for your consideration. Kind regards, Kate Hanlon 410-586-0990.

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MessageDear Stella,

We wish you and your Family,

***Happy new year 2009***

Best wishes from,
Tanja and all Firedevils smilie

NameMark Gernhardt
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MessageLike to know if you have any kittens at this time.

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