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Private Message added 2010-04-03

NameDeborah Collins
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I met you at the cat show today (3-14-10 ). I want to get a Maine Coon. I'm located in Arnold. smilie

Nameteresa linton
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Messagewould love to know when you have kittens available

NameAlexa Tolbert
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MessageHi Stella!!! How are you? I lost your e-mail address. I want to send you Bella and Lily's spay paper and new pictures. I have a couple of questions too. Will you send me your phone #? My girls are beautiful and they are so sweet. They get into anything that has water in it. They are two princesses who rule our roost. I can't wait for you to see them. Talk to you soon. Alexa

NameBarb and Don Moore
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MessageWhere are you located? We are in Joppa MD near Baltimore. We are seeking a Maine Coon kitten/young adult.

Please call us. 410-679-1658

Private Message added 2010-01-11

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Désolée je ne parle pas tres bien votre langue mais je tiens à vous dire que vous avez des chats de toute beautée.FELICITATION! smilie

NameSterlina Harper
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My name is Sterlina and recently lost my best friend "Brutus" on Friday, August 14th. Brutus was a Shaded Silver Persian. He was 11 years old and was very ill. I love cats very much, and since I live alone, my cat was a great companion for me. I am very interested in purchasing another feline friend and loved looking at your website. In fact, it put the biggest smile on my face which I really need since losing Brutus. I live in Temple Hills, Maryland, and have a very large house that would accommodate a wonderful Maine Coon beautifully. Please email me at "[email protected]" and let me know what other kittens you have available. I did love the blue male kitten you show cased. Is he still available? I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Thank you,


NameMichael Lohri
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MessageThanks for all your help today. I look forward to working w/ you and possibly adopting our little boy!

NameCarrie O'Foran
Locationclick picture for more information
MessageI'm the daughter of the woman who just bought the cameo orange boy kitty and i cant wait to get him home! He is very cute and all my friends think he is addorable(i sent them the pictures you sent my sister). iwas bored so i decided to look through all the pages of your webpage. i came across this and you get the point. yea smilie smilie smilie

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