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Namenatalie hawkes
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MessageHi Stella,

Oh my your pictures are so adorable, I see many pictures that remind me of Tiggers Mam, she was a Red and cream maine coon, His Dad was a short haired blue Persian, I had Tigger for free in December 1997, he was a few weeks olde when I had him also apparently he was the runt of the Litter. I've never thoguht of looking at his feet I saw you mentioned this Foot gene thing, I will now go look, I am so glad I dont live in USA I'd be turning up on your doorstep wanting ALL your kitties, I was always under the impression that Maines only ame in the makeral Tabby colouring, I am glad that they come in many colours.

Thank you for allowing me to visit your fab site. How do I join you? is there a Forum?

natalie, And Catfia Tigger and Bea.

NameNikki Jarrell
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MessageMy husband is not an animal lover but we were watching Animal Planet cats 101 and they showed a Maine Coon.. It was love at first site. Now he wants to get one so I'm just browsing the different sites that offer them. We dont want to get one from just anyone as he will be with us forever. We prefer a male. As for the color we'll know him when we see him.He does prefer the larger ones of the breed, the bigger the better. Your site is wonderful and we love looking at your babies.. smilie

NameMadeleine Frey
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MessageWhat beautiful cats!!!

Was just looking at some cats because it's been a year today that I lost my wonderful Chloe (tabby w/white maine coon)...she was 13years old and I miss her terribly.

Thank you for posting pix's of your lovely cats!

NameDonna Parrish
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MessageI am looking for a Maine Coon kitten to have as a companion. I am taking my time and looking often online and have (and continue to) read everything I can get my hands on about this breed. You have beautiful cats and kittens. I am in no hurry as I want this to go right for the breeder, me and mostly the kitten. Would like to have a brown and gray with no white with the lynx ears. I don't know if my cat has been born yet or not but will know her when I see her. I live alone and am a disabled nurse. Right now I live in an apartment but in the not so distant future will be moving into a house. We had a cat while my daughter was growing up. Tabatha lived to be 16 years old. We loved her so much. I will add your cattery to my list of ones I have found in this country and will visit often. Thank you. Donna

NameCarl and Tonia Jenkins
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MessageYou have a nice web site and beautiful Kittens. The Maine Coon is definitely a Wonderful and Gentle pet. I can see why they are named the Gentle Giant. We lost our girl about a month ago, it happened so suddenly. We are definitely going to try to get another Maine Coon. We adopted our Girl Katie from a animal shelter when she was a kitten. Several years ago we were at a cat show and that is where I obtained a business card. Have a nice day.

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NameJustin hall
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MessageLooking for a silver and white male let me know if you can help i am willing to wait thx 304 550 0766 you can call me im Justin smilie smilie

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Nameangela jones
Messagesmilie dexter is sooo cute!!! cant wait to get him!!! smilie smilie smilie

Namemary nissley
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MessageOne of our maine coons died last week, and we are looking to adopt another male. Thank You, Mary Nissley

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