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MessageThis myspace: is completely fake. It is probably some dude posing as Joe Don Baker. To top it off he is so rude.

NameLarry Chapman
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MessageWhy Mr. Baker is not a super-star is beyond me.

The man is a dynamic, charistmatic, sensitive and oft-humorous actor. He deserves much more recognition than he's been given.

To get an idea of the range of his acting skill, watch "Edge of Darkness." --

NameJames Dee
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MessageHi everybody! I'm a good friend of JDB....I'll make sure he reads your comments the next time he is over. He is a collector of Doak Walker memoribilia and I help him search e-bay for Doak items...He'll be happy to read all of your warm comments. He has a new film called "Strange Wilderness!" which should be out soon.


NameDoyle Padgett
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MessageHello Don, I know you dont know me and we have never met, but your dad and mine were first cousins. I remember your dad coming in to Houston and visiting with my dad. I think he was a merchant marine. His name was Doyle too. Well anyway I have always enjoyed your movies and have always wanted to say hello. I always tell everyone,Hey that`s my cousin! Take care and keep up the good work. Yours truly Doyle Padgett

NameKeith Bailey
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MessageThis past May 2006, I decided to go down to visit Adamsville, Tenn., the home of the late Buford Pusser. The Buford Pusser festival lasted three days. Although I wasn't there the third day, they did show the original "Walking Tall" movie the last night of the festival.. I was given a personal tour of the McNary County the jail, etc. by a man from Canada who is a big Buford Pusser fan. Joe Don Baker did an excellent portrayal of Buford Pusser. I even met Dwana Pusser and she is a sweetheart. She loves her daddy. I think Joe Don Baker should visit the next festival. I know they would love to have him.

NameMichelle Fotheringham
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MessageI rented the movie "Walking Tall" because I
loved Elizabeth Hartman so much. I had never
even heard of Joe Don Baker! But after viewing
the entire film-I just fell in love with Joe
Don! He was perfect as Bufford Pusser-I can't
imagine ANY other male actor even attempting
to make that role work! I went right out and
purchased the video. On my days off-I sit and
Watch "Walking Tall" and make other view it
as well. I wish I had been an actress in the
early 70's and could have been in that film.
It is my new favorite of all time!! I hope to
see him in more films, etc. in the near future.
I hope he never retires! What a presence and
what a talent!! He will ALWAYS be Sheriff
Bufford Pusser to me-a hero!!! Keep acting
and I wish you health and happiness!!!!
Michelle Fotheringham
p.s. I adored Felton Perry (Obra) what
chemistry you both had. Great show, great
message-it truly inspired and moved me-I'll
never be the same!!!!!

NameJim Mertins
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MessageHowdy Everybody,

That bank robber movie that JDB was in was called "Charley Varrick". Much of it was filmed around the area here where I live in Reno Nevada back in 1972 and released in 1973.

Walter Matthau was the actual "main" star, but JDB was right there playing his part to the max!

NameGary Niebling
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MessageWalking Tall was a great movie. I got it on dvd. Does anyone know why JDB didn't take the role for part 2 or 3? People at my job don't know and I was just wondering. Thanks, Gary

NameGrace Starr
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MessageWas flipping channels and ran into a movie with Joe Don trying to catch 2 bank robbers, one being Walter Matthau. Couldn't find it, but was fun to look through your site, Walking Tall was one of my alltime faves.Love seeing you in anything!

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MessageReally enjoyed your performances in the 007 films.
All the best.

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