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MessageOkay, I am so glad someone has this page in honor of the great Mr. Joe Don Baker and his talented work. Incidentally, I want to commemorate the 40th anniversary of Eischeid. Does anyone know where to get Eischeid on VHS/aftermarket DVD? Someone out there has to have it. I just found the pilot movie online and bought it, and am dying to see it, but the 13-episode series is nowhere to be found; it’s the one show that I must have (heard the rights are locked up by Sony). I love that Mr. Baker played the Chief of Detectives, he seemed very believable in that role, and I love that they made another show about the NYPD in the late 70s. Too bad Eischeid didn’t last for at least 3 seasons, I think it would have been a fantastic series if NBC hadn’t stuck it in a Friday 10 PM timeslot.


NameRob Robinson
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MessageJust now watched The Big Valley....
S4 E17....Lightfoot! The Big Valley is one of my favorite tv shows. The older I get (65) the more I think we should appreciate those who have done great work. I haven't seen all your movies....but to me Walking Tall has to be right at the top. If I see it is coming on tv....I look to see when it was made. If it is 2004....I don't even watch. No offense to the Rock.
Thank you for your great work!
I hope you are and continue to enjoy a Blessed life!

NameGarrett S.
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MessageI wish Joe Don Baker was my dad. smilie

NameMarlo Baker
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MessageHi ya'all!

NameMichael Pesole
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MessageSir; Love your films the Bond ones and the *ducks* the mst3k parodies. Word is you're upset about them please don't it's like having Weird AL Yankovic doing a parody of your favorite artist.

Happy Trails Sir; M

NameMike Honcho
MessageHe was f*cking awesome in Final Justice.

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MessageI was just 12 years old when Hollywood came to the tiny lil town of Henderson Tn (exactly 20 miles south of the actual town) to make a movie about Bufford Pusser. I was shoe shine boy in a barber shop and rem so well shining so many shoes for wannabe extras signing up to get a part. Being right in town I got to see alot of scenes being filmed. I was so proud, but nothing compared to how much I was when it was finally released. He is an excellent actor and I became an instant fan forever. I cannot say enuff good about him. I can guarentee people 50 and older from Henderson love him. I hope he will see this.

NameDavid House
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MessageI'm 67, and I'd never heard of Joe Don Walker (most actors just don't interest me)until tonight when I saw him on a '69 episode of "Big Valley," playing the role of a Modoc American Indian. He was stunningly and surprisingly awesome -- so masterful with blends of inflection, demeanor, pace and timing. So authentic as opposed to the repulsive fakeness of "Big Valley" sets, costuming, etc. Rarely do I react as I did in response to Joe Don's acting. He was real and compelling. Glad to see Joe Don's a Texan like I am. Now I've got to find other productions that he has strengthened. Just felt like I'd share a few thoughts. Thanks for this website.

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MessageI have always been a great fan of Buford Pusser and Joe Don Baker. I have all 3 of the original movie posters of "Walking Tall", "Walking Tall Part II" and "Final Chapter Walking Tall". They made a film in our great City of Wetumpka, Al. titled " The Grass Harp " that included many Hollywood Stars, in which Joe Don played a sheriff. My wife was able to get a small part in the movie which allowed me to meet several actors and actresses. I have several photos of my wife with Joe Don Baker taken during their time out from the shooting and I must say, I am very proud of the photos. The movie " Framed " was an excellent movie and I have been a big fan of Joe Don since I first saw him as an Actor.

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MessageWonderful actor. Darius Jedburgh is my all time favourite CIA character in a masterful TV-series. Must See!!!

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