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NameJoe 90 airborne hotplate
Locationclick picture for more information
MessageTo all 3para , get in touch ! Contact me at - [email protected]
The airborne hotplate. smilie
JOE 90

NameBob Crocker
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MessageHi just visited your site for the first time, it’s very well done hope to we can exchange reciprocal website links, well done and all the best for the future.
Bob Crocker chairman PRA Aberdeen

Namestuart boocock ( turker )
Locationclick picture for more information
Messageregards to all members only just found site
recognise loads of names just need to get to next reunion to put faces to them
40 years might have changed you slightly

NameJim Austen
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MessageWhat a pleasant surprise,or shock for Roger Chilton (Brummie) when four old comrades,Jeff Roberts, Des Waite, Jim Fletcher and Pat Peters turned up on his doorstep after over thirty-five years. All 'B' Coy 'Moony Walters'men from the 60s. Still looking for 'Flogger' Bennett, anyone out there know of his whereabouts, last heard of in Birmingham.

NameLaurie Ashbridge
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MessageGood site, nice to see some old faces and names.

Utrinque Paratus

NameBill Watts
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MessageBill Gilliland who served with 3 Para in Palestine from 1945 to 1948 died on Tuesday the 2nd May.
Bill was an active member of the PRA and became Chairman of the Chesterfield branch of PRA . He was a popular figure and acted as Parade Marshall or Standard Marshall at most of the Para events in Yorkshire & Derbyshire areas. Bill & David Mellor conceived the idea of an Annual Dedication and Service at the Airborne Memorial at Hardwick and would have been Parade Marshall this year. In recognition of his past service to the Association the Parade at Hardwick on the 21st May will be dedicated to Bill and it is hoped that there will be a good turnout to honour his memory.
For further details please log onto my website:- www.3para1945-48palestine.com
Bill Watts

NameMike Eyer (Titch Whitehead)
Locationclick picture for more information
MessageGreat to see you are all still kicking, some of you look a little older. You have a great website, it was a true honour to have served with many of you, stay safe, see you on the high ground. Contact me at : [email protected]

NameJohn Wilson
Locationclick picture for more information
MessageA great site, it is nice to see so many familiar names, I hope they don't all turn up at Darlo in August or I am in trouble. I look forward to seeing those that make the trip. Regards to all.....JJW

NameJohn Wilson
MessageIt is always nice to read so many messages from those we have not seen for years. I am still alive, kicking, working and supporting the Boro. As it is me that runs the TA Centre in Darlington I look forward to seeing you in August. A great site, regards to all.....JJW

NameDavid Williams
Locationclick picture for more information
MessageIf anyone knew Private Gerald Bull, who fell on Mount Longdon in the Falklands, I would be grateful if you could get in touch. I am writing a local history on the fallen and there seems to be very little information on Private Bull who came from our village. I would like to be able to remember him with honor and write a short history. I have the books on the battle, but not much information on Private Gerald Bull.

I hope I have not been too intrusive.

Contact me on - [email protected]


David Williams
Ex Army 1978-1987

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