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NameKenny Watt
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MessageHi Ghost, You'll not remember me, but I remember when we joined Battalion you used to put sugar down for the ants then exterminate them, this was done between the accomadation blocks in Osnatraz. Glad to hear you are well.

Kenny W
Contact me at: [email protected] smilie

NamePete Harvey [Ghost]
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MessageHi fellas good site this is my first visit recognise a few names sad about Sean, he was my colour sgt in depot me and Dunc Daly were never out of the digger smilie still drink with Dunc in Manchester,hope ths finds you all well. Contact me at: [email protected]

NameKenny Watt
Locationclick picture for more information
Messagesmilie Hello all at 3parareunionclub, hope you are all well and looking forward to this years reunion. I am sure you all will have a great time pulling up the sandbags and swinging the lights. smilie Only been checking site for 4 weeks and already made contact with 3 muckers from 1 platoon A Coy 78-85. Any other bods from that period who want to get in touch contact me on [email protected] smilie

NameJJ Wilson
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MessageI have spoken to George today ref Darlo 2006, the bar will be open for 15.30hrs,the prog will be issued on arrival. Please don't spend the afternoon in the Copper Beech next door. Looking forward to meeting a few old(ish)friends and an enjoyable day.
Regards to all.....JJW

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MessageAttention all those attending 3 Para Reunion Darlington just to let you know the bar will be open at the TA Centre Nesham Road at 15:30hrs see you all at the bar. Red Freds Freefall display 16:45hrs, further timing & programme of events will be issued at the gate on entry. Please remember your tickets as the MOD Plod will need to ID them before entry. Hope you all have a great day

Chairman smilie

NameDavid (Yorkie) Lyons
Locationclick picture for more information
Messagesmilie Jesus that was the best pub crawl I've been on since the very first time I started using those lovely old pubs in 61.
Nice PIX mate,brought back many memories of old Pals past and present.

ON ON Dave smilie

NameDavid (Yorkie) Lyons
Locationclick picture for more information
MessageAny of you Hero's from the Rotherham area know of a Waddy Wadsworth ? If you know him and know his addy or phone number, Please contact him ( he is very ill )and tell him that I lost his number and tried to get it from Steve Palethorpe RIP but Steve was not answering me sadly.
Help me to contact my friend if you can.
Contact me at :[email protected]

NameKenny Watt
Locationclick picture for more information
Messagesmilie Hi, Andy Anderson. I was just talking about you two days ago. Been told you were fireman in Stoke. Been trying the local PRA's to see if I could get hold of you. I have contact with Dex Roden and Andy Geoghan. Hopin we can get a bunch of 1 Platoon guys together for next year. Get back to me on [email protected] Cheers smilie

NameAndy Anderson
Locationclick picture for more information
MessageFirst time on the site nice to know there can be a 3 para reunion club, will be keeping a watch out for people that i know' like Kenny Watt which rings a bell all the best

NameDavid (yorkie) Lyons
Locationclick picture for more information
Messagesmilie Just discovered this site and spotted a few names from my days with 3 PARA 61/67.
Downloaded the bankers order and completed it but cannot post it out here until Monday. I am a PRA life member and a member of the FOC.
I've been using the EX AIRBORNE FORCES and FOC site for a few months now and it's good but I'm looking forward to contacting my old 3 PARA mates on this great site.
Anyone remembering me,please make contact with me,I doubt that I will make the Reunions because I now live about 7000 miles away in sunny climes.
Some names that I do remember are Brian Keeling,Gus Henderson,Bertie Winters,Terry Gifford,Mick Feeney and others that I'm not too sure about, the old memory box is fading with age. Any 217/218 Recruit Platoons members around???
Contact me at :[email protected]
Dave( Yorkie ) Lyons

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