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NameJohn Wilson
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MessageA great site, it is nice to see so many familiar names, I hope they don't all turn up at Darlo in August or I am in trouble. I look forward to seeing those that make the trip. Regards to all.....JJW

NameJohn Wilson
MessageIt is always nice to read so many messages from those we have not seen for years. I am still alive, kicking, working and supporting the Boro. As it is me that runs the TA Centre in Darlington I look forward to seeing you in August. A great site, regards to all.....JJW

NameDavid Williams
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MessageIf anyone knew Private Gerald Bull, who fell on Mount Longdon in the Falklands, I would be grateful if you could get in touch. I am writing a local history on the fallen and there seems to be very little information on Private Bull who came from our village. I would like to be able to remember him with honor and write a short history. I have the books on the battle, but not much information on Private Gerald Bull.

I hope I have not been too intrusive.

Contact me on - [email protected]


David Williams
Ex Army 1978-1987

NamePip Flynn
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MessageGood to see some familiar names from the past.Would be grateful if could be sent a Newsletter as haven't received one this year.Cheers.Got to dash,am running in the London Marathon.

NameJohnny B
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Men various x 3 Para members spotted working in London BP agm at the excel ,Free Bar?? You will all be glad to know we were last to leave and upheld the Btls fine name ,sadly the mattress bill/NEGATED the whole weeeks pay

Wedrinkus anythingus

ps not really in Turkmenistan but a dog leg in case the Hotel manager is looking for ME JAB

NameJon cook
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MessageThings are looking good.Keep it going lads

NameBrian Bosley
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MessageJust to say hello to 3 Para from Boz ex 1 Para to Laurie Bland, Jimmy Cockran, denzil and any other from 3 Para that know me, would like to meet up some time for a few beers or so, all the best to 3 Para Reunion Club.


NameCharlie LLoyd
MessageSteve McConnell, anyone know of his where abouts? just seen some photo's of me and him on the Links of 3 Para Sigs web site, would like to get in contact with the ugly one if pos. Email me at :- [email protected] CYA

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MessageAnyone remember A F Weaver smilie
Clive Good smilie
Jock Fenton smilie
last gents but not least Sgt Norman smilie
Cheers gents smilie

NameBlue Harding
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Messagewill be there for the next reunion,made my day
finding this site,Bob Livesey is in Iraq with me
we will be at the reunion.

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