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Nameterri and david shanahan
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Messagehi from one shanahan family to another! we have a daughter, adopted 3 yrs ago from china and we are waiting for our second child LID Oct 26 2005 Congratulations!

NameLori Hilton
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MessageI cannot believe how excited I am for the two of you. I'm jumping out of my skin! My heart is doing the jig. What in the world must the two of you be going through? Congrats and we're all here waiting with you .... Lori Hilton in Lakeland, FL
LID: Feb 16 2006

NameMichaela B.
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We're friends of Mick and James and live in Orlando, FL. I'm originally from Germany and Richard is originally from New England, too - Worcester, MA. smilie
I'm keeping my fingers crossed for your referral to arrive very soon, as in tomorrow! smilie
Take care,
Michaela, Richard and Jarod
LID May '06

NameJudy B.
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MessageCongrats! My guess - Sichuan (for baby S, get it!), April 23, 24 lbs (do I need to go metric for Eammon?). smilie

happy dance! smilie

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MessageI found your blog while following my friends China adoption and have been following along! I am thrilled for you and your pending referral!

NameValerie in IN
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Messagesmilie I have enjoyed your blog and am sitting on the edge of my seat waiting for your referral! I keep checking your blog to see if you've heard anything yet! I am amazed at how calm you are! We adopted our daughter, Allison, in Sept. 05. She will be 2 on Dec. 24!
thanks for sharing your journey!

NameLisa in Canada
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I found your blog through Catherines Chatter blog. I'm sooo excited for you that you will be next. I would love to add you to my blog roll so I can follow along on the rest of your journey.

Lisa in Canada
DH Craig
DD Kaileigh Hebei 1998

NameTheresa in Tampa
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Thanks again for all of your help, time, and willingness to share your blog with us. You have been a part of our journey, and we'll never forget... smilie

Hope to see you in Atlanta some time soon. We'll be back!!

Safe and happy travels to you .... SOON!! Can you believe you are next? You'll be holding her soon. smilie

NameKelly Summers (Shanahan)
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MessageJust had a look at the website, i really love the nursery, Baby S is a lucky girl it is beautiful. Hope its not too long now before you have her home. Cant wait to meet (cybermeet) my new cousin.

Congratulations and lots of Love



NameLorraine Denninghoff
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MessageIt has been a while since I have been in touch. I was so thrilled when I received your email today. I was stunned as I thought you guys would be up to your eyeballs in diapers and hugs by now. smilie
I am stunned that adopting a baby is difficult and I cannot even begin to fathom the emotional toll, however, having said that you ARE on the downside now! There is light at the end on the tunnel and I am delighted not only for you both but for your baby girl! smilie

Lisa you stood by Aisha and I when we were going through the hardest time in our life. You drove all that way to show your support. Amazing! Aisha still talks about it to this day, and for this I can never thank you enough! Can you believe my "baby girl" is a Junior already? How time flies.
Just love your baby girl, and always take time out for hugs and dress-up times! Dont fret too much about the fingerprints, and never cry over spilt milk smilie As they grow so very fast!

In love

Lorraine, Karl, Aisha, Drew, Kai

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